Atomic Championship Wrestling Presents: Time Bomb: 04-02-16

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Atomic Championship Wrestling Presents: Time Bomb

Saturday April 2nd, 2016 at 7pm

Stevens Fire Co. Hall

91 Stevens Road, Stevens, Pa 17578

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One-on-One Match
‘The Angel of Death” Angie Skye Vs Gabby Gilbert

Angie Skye has made a quite an impact at the last ACW’s Rogue Women’s Warriors as she defeated LuFisto. This time, she takes
on the ever so fun-loving Gabby Gilbert who makes her Rogue debut! Gabby is a well traveled Independent wrestler but can she
stop “The Angel of Death” on April 2nd?


One-on-One Match
Annie Social Vs Nikki Addams

Annie Social who scored a big victory in her Rogue debut match against LuFisto (thanks to Angie Skye) is now taking on “The Black
Rose” Nikki Addams who will step in an ACW/ Rogue ring for the first time ever. Will Addams surprise the veteran or will Social run
away once again with the victory? Will Skye be at ringside or not?


One-on-One Match
‘The Black Widow” Eve Vs “J-Ro” Jenny Rose

Two impressive women return To ACWs Rogue Women Warriors! The Black Widow Eve was victorious last month in her Rogue debut and the Canadian Powerhouse is now looking to take down International and ROH superstar “J-Ro” Jenny Rose! It is Power House Vs Japanese Technician on April 2nd! Who will overcome and walk out of this fight with their hand raised in victory??


Battle of the Giants – One-on-One Match
‘The Terradactyl” Terra Calaway Vs “The Native Beast” Nyla Rose

A battle of giants is taking place at Rogue Women Warriors! On one side, you have the 5’8 “Barbie Breaker”, “The Native Beast” Nyla
Rose and on the other side stands the impressive 5’ 11 California native “The Terradactly” Terra Calaway. Rose says that her warpath
is set and that anyone standing in her way better be ready but you can bet the fighter from another species will definitely leave her
clenching your teeth and give her a run for her money.


3 Way Dance Match
Rebecca Payne w/ Gilette Vs Maria Manic Vs Brittany Force

Rebecca Payne was victorious last month against Pink Flash Kira thanks to the help of Gilette but this time, she faces two new Rogue Women Warriors in Maria Manic and Brittany Force! Force is known to be very cocky but she brings in a lot of experience. As for Manic,
she might be quite new but her incredible fitness level might come in very handy against two tough opponents!


ACW Heavyweight Championship Rematch Main Event
Oxx Hogg (c) w/ Max Tempest Vs Ed House

Ed House has demanded a rematch for the ACW Heavyweight Title against Oxx Hogg and it has been granted, signed, sealed and
delivered! Max Tempest will be in Oxx Hogg’s corner as these two have been on a to roll since joining forces!! Does Ed House have
what it takes to became ACW Heavyweight Champion? We will find out April 2nd!


Special Attration
Pepper Parks Vs Nick Berk

Recently signed to TNA Impact Wrestling and Global Force Wrestling, Superstar Pepper Parks makes his Atomic
Championship Wrestling debut as he takes on the returning 10-plus year Independant veteran and world traveled Nick Berk!!!!


3-Way Dance ACW Tag Team Championship
Dahmer & Kanazawa (c) Vs MOB Vs The Party Animal

Jon Dahmer and Kanazawa defend their Atomic Championship Wrestling Tag Team Titles in a special 3-Way Tag Team attraction
against The M.O.B and the Party Animals! Who will walk away with the titles? We will find out April 2nd in Stevens, PA!


One-on-One Match
Mr. Ping Vs Rob Noxious

Rob Noxious has been having a lot of problems with BJ Walker. Last event, Malcolm King joined forces with Walker against Noxious.
ACW hasn’t heard anything since from Walker or King. Mr. Ping is known to be a quiet force to be reckoned with so will he take
advantage of Rob’s probable distraction as he is wondering where his two enemies are or will the veteran unleash his anger on Ping?


Non-Title One-on-One Match
Rob Lloyd Vs Judas Gray

After the shocking debut of “The Rising Star” Rob Lloyd defeating Judas Gray last month in the Gauntlet Ladder Match, Judas
has demanded a one-on-one fight against Lloyd Saturday Night April 2nd!!!!!


ACW Cruiserweight Championship
Stefon Vs Suicide Myers (c)

By surviving 6 men in the ladder gauntlet match last month, Stefon has won the chance to face Suicide Myers for the ACW
Cruiserweight Champion. Now the question is: Will Stefon be as impressive as last month and defeat the champion Suicide Myers?
Or will Myers stand tall once again, holding the title that has been his for 5 months now?

Plus! Special Preliminary Match!
Pretty Fly, Xavier Ryder, CM Serenyi Vs Jimmy Lyon, Big Frank, Jamie Senegal

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