Bret Hart talks Nakamura/Zayn and Asuka/Bayley matches



Source: Sharpshooter Radio


Bret Hart was talking on his new podcast Sharpshooter radio and talked about WrestleMania Weekend and NXT:


On his favorite matches from WrestleMania 32 weekend:

BH: I think Nakamura vs Sami Zayn was the best match of all WrestleMania weekend. The other match with Asuka and Bayley was a better match than any of the matches, men included, WrestleMania weekend. I would have rather paid just to see those two matches. Those two matches with the Japanese wrestlers and the two North American wrestlers were better than the whole WrestleMania card. The WrestleMania card was all glitz with no real wrestling on it. All of the real wrestling, the kind of wrestling that I like, that goes right to my heart, was in those two matches.

On why he enjoys NXT:

BH: I hear it from the fans more and more about NXT. What NXT is doing is bringing real wrestling, really talented wrestling, to the surface. Letting them work and tell stories. RAW and WrestleMania is a bunch of morons sitting around trying to create wrestling and dream it up and say, “This is what they’re going to do and this is what they’re going to say.” These guys are just writers from Hollywood. They’re just people that have never wrestled. They don’t know anything about wrestling. They’re just Vince Russos in a different uniform. They don’t know anything about the business and they don’t know what works. They write it down and that becomes what it becomes. I don’t think you can write down what Sami Zayn and Nakamura delivered. Even the entrances and the things like the handshake at the end. All the things that they did. All of that stuff was just beautiful wrestling. I just stood with a full salute to both of them. The girls too. They were so good. The finish with Asuka and Bayley… I remember talking to someone saying, “You think she’ll get beat with the sleeper?” I said, “Nah, some writer would write that and change it.” Really, the way they did the finish was beautiful. You don’t see it anymore. You don’t see anyone actually go to sleep. 

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