CHIKARA Phone Home & Disk Results 04-02-16

Emanating from their home base at The Wrestle Factory in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, CHIKARA Pro presented a double-header of events on April 2, 2016. During the afternoon show titled ‘Phone Home’, the crowd saw the quarter finals of the 2016 Tag World Grand Prix tournament, as well as some hard-hitting singles matches and a special announcement from Mike Quackenbush. The second show dubbed ‘Disk’ featured a Young Lions Cup defense, atomicos action, and a bona fide dream match on top of the semi-finals and the finals of the tag tournament. Check out the results below to see what happened this weekend at the fun-filled lucha super party!

Chikara Phone Home

2016 Tag World Grand Prix Quarterfinal: Fire Ant and Worker Ant of The Colony defeated The Proletariat Boar of Moldova and Prakash Sabar of The United Nations

After revealing that he is medically cleared to wrestle one more match, CHIKARA Director of Fun Mike Quackenbush passionately accepted the legendary Johnny Kidd’s challenge to face off during CHIKARA’s UK tour in May in the British grappler’s retirement match.

Juan Francisco De Coronado defeated Officer Warren Barksdale

2016 Tag World Grand Prix Quarterfinal: Flex Rumblecrunch and Blaster McMassive of The Devastation Corporation defeated The Punk Rock All-Stars

2016 Tag World Grand Prix Quarterfinal: Los Ice Creams defeated Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo of Team Sea Stars

Icarus defeated Wani

2016 Tag World Grand Prix Quarterfinal: Amasis and Ophidian the Cobra of The Osirian Portal defeated Le Tabarnak de Team after the match was restarted due to a double count out. Following the match, the surly Canadians beat down the victors to end the show

Chikara Disk

2016 Tag World Grand Prix Semi-final: The Colony defeated Los Ice Creams

2016 Tag World Grand Prix Semi-final: The Devastation Corporation defeated The Osirian Portal

Lithuanian Snow Troll emerged from under the ring wearing a sign that said, “Did you forget?”. Not sure what that was about, but “Killer” Kevin Condron/Snowflake could be up to something.

Estonian Thunderfrog defeated Arctic Rescue Ant to retain the Young Lions Cup

Frightmare, Hallowicked, Missile Assault Man, & Lucas Calhoun defeated Oleg The Usurper, Kobald, and The Batiri (w/ Ultramantis Black). Calhoun was busted open pretty bad during the match, but kept going after getting cleaned up. Before heading to the back, Hallowicked and Frightmare attacked Ultramantis and put the Eye of Tyr around his neck. After feeling the power of the mysterious item, the maniacal insectoid overlord proclaimed, “My spear. My broadsword. Return me home.” It seems that Nazmaldun has possessed Ultramantis Black’s body and now walks among us.

Shynron defeatd Mr. Touchdown Mark Angelosetti by disqualification when Touchdown accidentally back flipped into the referee

2016 Tag World Grand Prix Final: The Devastation Corporation defeated The Colony to win the Tag World Grand Prix and a shot at N_R_G and the Campeonatos de Parejas

Encore: Dasher Hatfield defeated Pinkie Sanchez

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