Chyna’s Manager Discusses Donating Her Brain to CTE Research

The New York Daily News has posted an interview with Anthony Anzaldo, who was working as Joanie “Chyna” Laurer’s manager at the time of her death. During the interview, Anzaldo revealed that he was the person who discovered Laurer’s body this past week, and when he entered her home cameras were rolling as they were in the middle of shooting her documentary.

The film’s director Erik Angra said in a statement issued that he intends to finish the documentary, and Anzaldo told the Daily News that he is still undecided as to whether or not the film will show him entering Chyna’s home. Anzaldo did note that the movie will not show him discovering Laurer’s body.

Anzaldo also stated when he found Laurer in her home she appeared to be sleeping in bed. He added that there were no signs of foul play, but in her bedroom were prescription pill bottles for Ambien and “one for an anti-anxiety medication similar to Xanax.” Anzaldo stated there was no alcohol or illegal drugs present in Laurer’s home. “My only solace is that she obviously died in her sleep with no pain. She was alive one second and dead the next. It doesn’t look like there was a struggle for air,” he added

Finally, the manager went on to say that he will be seeking authorization from Laurer’s family to have her brain donated to CTE research. At one point, Laurer was contacted about joining the concussion lawsuits currently being filed against WWE, but Anzaldo said Chyna was not interested in joining the suits. He did say, however, that the science behind CTE and its research was something of interest to both he and Laurer.

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