Future guests for Steve Austin’s Podcast show??



Source: Wrestlinginc.com


The Undertaker, Shane McMahon, Sting and Diamond Dallas Page are being considered for future Steve Austin podcasts on the WWE Network. Steve Austin’s guest after Smackdown during WrestleMania week will be the hardcore Icon Mick Foley.

I would love to see Sting as a guest on Austin’s podcast.  Hopefully Austin can ask him the questions that all the fans want to hear.  Why did WWE Screw you over?  Why is Vince dead set against you winning a match in WWE?  Did you have to feed into Vince’s ego and have him proove WWE was better then WCW by having you job to Hunter at Mania?  Questions like that is what I want to see asked.  But its WWE, so probably won’t get those questions answered.

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