Has WWE Shop Spoiled Asuka’s NXT Takeover: Dallas Gear?

It’s no secret that pageantry and theatricality has become a big part of professional wrestling. From the massive Wrestlemania sets to the participation of celebrities in the show, WWE sets out to create a spectacle that the WWE Universe would never forget. But it really comes down to the superstars and divas to capture the audience and draw them in. When their music hits and they walk through the curtain, the performers want to make the experience special for the thousands in attendance and the millions watching at home inside and outside of the ring. That’s why they may plan special surprises with their ring gear or entrances for special occasions, such as Wrestlemania weekend. However, in this technological age, it’s easy for these surprises to get spoiled. Although, it’s not often that it comes from the WWE itself.

Earlier today while checking out WWE Shop to take a look at Shinsuke Nakamura’s very first WWE t-shirt, we here at Tales From The Turnbuckle noticed something that caught our eye. Just hours before NXT Takeover: Dallas on the WWE Network, it looks like the company has put up a new mask for Asuka, presumably inspired by her planned look for tonight’s event. Predominantly white with black at the top and green around the eyes and lips, the Empress of Tomorrow’s new merch could be an homage to the green mist utilized by a number of Japanese wrestling legends like Yoshihiro Tajiri and the Great Muta. You can check it in the screenshot below, but if you want to purchase the mask for yourself, click here:

Asuka WWE Shop mask

While it doesn’t explicitly ruin the awesomeness of the impending battle between one of the hardest hitting women in the world and the NXT Women’s Champion Bayley, it would have been kinda cool to see Asuka debut the gear first before seeing it go on sale. But either way, we’re sure to see a slobberknocker in Dallas, Texas tonight as the future of the WWE looks to shine bright ahead of the Show of Shows this Sunday.

What do you think of Asuka’s new mask? Will you be heading to WWE Shop to buy one for yourself? And are you disappointed that WWE was a bit premature in releasing it to the public? Sound off in the comments.

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