Howard Stern pays tribute to the late great ICON Chyna

The Howard Stern Show paid tribute to Joanie Chyna Laurer on Monday’s show, and posted the following on

The Stern Show was very sad to learn that our friend Joanie “Chyna” Laurer passed away last week. On Monday morning Howard paid tribute to the legendary wrestler.

Chyna had a “great sense of humor about herself,” Howard said. “She’ll always be a champion in our hearts.”


The WWE superstar appeared on the Stern Show several times over the years and it didn’t take her long to become a fan favorite. And, while the world at large will always treasure her epic pro-wrestling career, Howard fans may well remember a different side of her: Chyna the aspiring pop star.

In 2004, Chyna sang her song “Holiday” for Howard, accompanied only by a guitar many considered to be out of tune. Her passionate performance didn’t pave the way for any platinum records or Grammy wins, but it was one listeners could never forget.

No one found more humor in that day’s performance than Chyna herself, who returned to the show in 2011 and had a good laugh at her own expense.

“Howard, I thought you were going to sign me on the spot,” Chyna admitted while cracking up.

Her great sense of humor and ability to laugh at herself led to several emails from fans saying how much they enjoyed hearing her on-air. Now, over a decade after she first recorded it, “Holiday” continues to be played on a regular basis – proof that sometimes the Stern Show’s greatest moments happen when you least expect them.

“Chyna, rest in peace,” Howard concluded.

The entire Stern Show crew sends its deepest condolences to Chyna’s friends and family. She will be sincerely missed.




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