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1.What country did you grow up in and where do you currently live now?

I was born in and grew up in South Korea. Now also I live in there.

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2.Who where some of your favorite wrestlers growing up?

Kobashi Kenta(Japan), Brock Lesnar(USA),
Kim il(also called Ohki Kintaro, South Korea), and Lee wang pyo(South Korea).
I want to be like them in the future.


3.What wrestling school did you attend and who was your trainer?

I learned the basics of wrestling from No ji Shim in WWA.
In Noah, I received the lessons from Shiozaki,
who was a leader in training at the time,
and  other seniors improving the professional wrestling skills.


4.Who was your first match against?

Ito Akihiko in Pro-Wrestling NOAH. He was my training ground seniors.
Although he is now retired, I want to see it again.

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5.Where did you debut for your first match?

April 30, 2008. I debuted at Seoul Jamsil Gymnasium
6.How was it like working for the Republic of Korea’s WWA wrestling promotion?

WWA is a classical style.
Training is very hard
but It was difficult to train because of fewer partners.

7.How do you like working for Pro Wrestling Noah?

NOAH had a good training system as Japan’s major organizations.
Training ground is on the 3rd floor, the office is on the second floor, and the accommodation is on the first floor.

Thanks to the many players, more systematic training was possible. It was a good experience.


8.How was it like training in Japan’s Noah Dojo and Korea’s WWA Dojo?

WWA goes around the fundamentals. 1000 squat, 300 push-ups, 90 minutes running, etc.
WWA consider Shoot-style sparring, such as ground, is important.
Again, WWA is a classical oriental style professional wrestling.

Noah is conducted a similar content in basic training but they stick to orthodox pro-wrestling rather than shoot style.

Their training Schedule is beyond imagination as a major in Japan.
Basic strength training was more than wwa.
Bump and the part of techniques have much higher intensity.
It was hard like a king’s road.

9.How is Korea Pro Wrestling?

There are many players worry about financial problem because of small number of competitions.
They are all doing two jobs, but always striving to resurrect the professional wrestling.


10.How long have you been wrestling for?

I started to wrestle seven years ago.
11.Have you won any championships?

Not yet. I will do my best than anyone else.
12.Is there  anything else you want to discuss?

I will try to have a lot of interest in Korea pro-wrestling in the world as well as in Korea.
We appreciate your interest and support. Thank you.

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