Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio for URShow.Tv, Who Won?

Rey Rey


Source: URShow.TV

Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio took place  on the URFight card which can be viewed at URShow.tv.The bout was a 2 out of 3 falls match, and bout commentators were Jim Ross, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Sean Wheelock.

 Angle was the heel in the match, which started off with the Angle in control. Angle hit an illegal closed fist punch on the outside and was admonished several times by referee Brian Hebner.

The first fall came when Angle hit Mysterio with an Angle Slam for the pin fall victory.

After a minute rest period, the match resumed and Angle still controlled the match. Midway through the second fall Myterio made a comeback, and won the second fall following a 619 and a pin fall.

The match resumed and the third fall was back-and-forth until Angle attempted to use a steel chair to hit Mysterio while referee Brian Hebner was down. Hebner had previously been knocked out after Angle accidentally hit him after an attempt to hit Mysterio.

Rapper Riff Raff, who performed during the show’s intermission, ran in and grabbed the chair from Angle, preventing him from using it on Mysterio. Angle then attempted to knock Riff Raff off the ring apron and while he was distracted Mysterio hit him with a kick which setup Angle for another 619. Mysterio hit the move and pinned Angle to win the match.

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