Latest on TNA Wrestling being sold

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting TNA Wrestling is trying to restructure the contracts of some or all of their top stars so TNA can control their booking.

It’s believed that TNA started doing this with the idea that the company’s impending sale will give TNA more value if they have more control over top talents’ bookings, instead of the talent previously booking events on their off days. Newer contracts signed by talents saw TNA be in charge of non-TNA dates, and the deals are said to be for significant money, and TNA is also offering large money deals to non TNA contracted talents, which they had been doing several months ago.

It’s unknown if TNA will look at a house show tour now that they will be controlling talent bookings, because details about the possible sale are being kept quiet. According to one source, it was said that if and when the sale is completed, TNA could see a new investor take a big stake in the company, but Dixie Carter and John Gaburick would still be in control.


Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


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