Lucha Underground Results: 05-04-16

Lucha Underground Results: 05-04-16:

Dario Cueto & Catrina Segment: 

Cueto is looking for something in the attic of his office as Catrina storms in. Cueto says that they need to talk. Catrina tells Cueto that Mil Muertes almost destroyed his brother last week. Cueto says that she has it backwards, Matanza destroyed Mil Muertes. Catrina says that Matanza was lucky to walk out with his championship. Cueto says that his championshipis the key word here. No one is going to take the title away from Matanza. Catrina tells Cueto that he fears Mil Muertes as he should. If he doesn’t grant Muertes a rematch, then  Cueto’s fear won’t help him. Cueto says that Matanza fears nothing.

Cueto tells Catrina that the power that’s inside her rock, doesn’t hold a candle to the power that lies on the key he wears around his neck. Cueto announces that Mil Muertes will have his rematch next week in a Graves Consequence Match. Catrina says that Cueto is much braver then she thought. She accepts Cueto’s challenge. Cueto wants to raise the stakes. Why have one coffin when we can have two coffin’s. Next will be graver consequences. Catrina likes the way Cueto thinks. Catrina says that after next week, there will no be question as to who is destroying who. Cueto tells Catrina that he’s looking forward to it.


The Mack defeats  Marty “The Moth” Martinezin a Aztec Medallion Match 

The Mack connects with a somersault plancha to start the match. Mack rolls Martinez back into the ring. Kick to the gut and Mack connects with a vertical, northern lights and german suplex’s. Mack ducks a clothesline, but he gets knock down by a dropkick from Martinez. Martinez takes his shirt off. Martinez throws the shirt at Melissa Santos. Martinez drags Mack by his nose to the corner.

Martinez stomps on Mack’s chest. Martinez plants Mack with a exploder suplex to the corner for a two count. Martinez goes for another pin attempt, but Mack kicks out at the count of two. Martinez applies a rear chin lock. Mack fires up with a clothesline and a roundhouse kick. Mack bodyslams Martinez. Mack follows up with a leg drop for a two count. Mack connects with a Stunner, but Martinez stands still. Mack lands another Stunner to Martinez to pickup the victory.

Sexy Star & Dario Cueto Segment: 

Cueto tells Sexy to come in and have a seat. Cueto knows that he and Sexy Star haven’t always seen eye to eye, but he wanted Sexy to know that he respects her. He knows that something very bad happen to her. He’s notice a change in Sexy’s eyes. This is not the first time that he’s seen a woman in this position. Cueto tells a story about his mother and how she was a bitch, but the only way his siblings got their mother to stop torturing them was to say no more. So whatever Mariposa has done to Sexy, Cueto is giving Sexy Star a chance at a Aztec Medallion in a No Mas Match. The only way to win is for one of the luchadores to cry no mas. Cueto tells Sexy if she wins, don’t let Mariposa go if she wants this pain to go away. Sexy agrees and then she walks off.

Sinestro De La Muerte w/Catrina defeats King Cuerno 

Cuerno plants Muerte with a dropkick. Cuerno stomps on Muerte chest in the corner. Cuerno dropkicks Muerte for a one count. Cuerno kicks Muerte in his right leg. Cuerno with a double knee and a ace crusher for a two count. Cuerno gets Muerte laying flat on the ropes. Cuerno chops Muerte in the chest. Cuerno connects with a running hurricanrana. Cuerno sets up for The Arrow from the Depths of Hell, but Catrina hops on the ring apron and hits Catrina with the rock. Muerte connects with a springboard leg drop to pickup the victory. After the match, Catrina gives Cuerno the Lick of Death.

Mascarita Sagrada & Famous B Segment: 

Sagdra is lifting weights. Famous B comes down and informs his client that he has a major match instored for him. If Sagrada beats him tonight not only will Sagrada become famous, he’ll gain one of the Aztec Medallions that his opponent is putting on the line. Famous B tells Sagrada that his match is up next. Famous B tells Sagrada that it’s time to start balling.

Chavo Guerrero & Dario Cueto Segment: 

Cueto asks Guerrero why is he here? Guerrero is upset that he’s not in any of the Aztec Medallion Qualifying Match. Cueto tells Guerrero that he doesn’t deserve one. When Cueto gave Guerrero the opportunity at the Lucha Underground Championship, Guerrero retired. Cueto put Guerrero in AztecWarfare, then Guerrero got pinned twice. Guerrero asks Cueto if he wants to see him seize the opportunity? Guerrero tells Cueto watch and see.

Brian Cage defeats  Mascarita Sagrada w/Famous B in a Aztec Medallion Match 

Sagrada goes for as single leg takedown, but Cage stands still. Sagrada applies a sleeper hold. Sagrada with a drop toe hold. Cage connects with the F5 to pickup the victory. After the match Guerrero storms into the ring and steals Cage’s Aztec Medallion.

Sexy Star defeats Mariposa in a “NO MAS” Match for one of the Aztec Medallions

Star ducks a clothesline and applies a waist lock. Mariposa with a shoulder tackle to Star. Mariposa bodyslams Star. Mariposa grinds Star’s face into the canvas. Mariposa tosses Star in the corner. Mariposa with a series of right hands that knocks Star down to the bottom rope. Mariposa shoves her boot down Star’s throat, but Star won’t quit. Star with a drop toe hold that sends Mariposa crashing face first to the middle turnbuckle. Star connects with two X-Factors. Star drags Mariposa to the corner. Star plants Mariposa with three vertical suplex’s. Star gets Mariposa in a single leg crab, but Mariposa won’t quit. Mariposa gets Star in a ground and pound attack. Mariposa gets Star in a modified Indian Death Lock. Mariposa kicks Star repeatedly in the head with his boot, but Star won’t quit. Star lowers the top rope and Mariposa is sent crashing to the outside.

Star with a seated senton off the ring apron to Mariposa on the outside. Mariposa irish whips Star to the steel guard rail. Mariposa chokes Star with a steel chair. Mariposa throws a collection of the steel chairs to Star. Star sends Mariposa face first to the steel guard rail. Star places a steel chair in the crotch section of Mariposa. Star connects with the chochairto. Star kicks Mariposa in the leg. Mariposa and Star battle to the steps. Mariposa drags Star to the top of the temple. Mariposa starts ripping Star’s mask off. Mariposa and Star brings their battle into the crowd. Star tosses Mariposa on top of the one of the offices. Star climbs up to the top of the scaffold. Mariposa catches up with Star. Mariposa is choking Star with the steel bar. Star is busted open. Star and Mariposa climbs off the scaffold.

Marty The Moth Martinez appears and kicks Star in the gut. Martinez grinds Star’s face on the steel bar. The Mack appears and destroys Martinez. Star chokes Mariposa with the boot. Star hits Mariposa with a purse. Mariposa throws Star down the stairs. Mariposa whips Star’s face on the announce table. Star grabs a trash can. Star hits Mariposa in the back with the trash can. Mariposa rolls Star back into the ring. Mariposa goes for the Butterfly Effect, but Star gets back on her feet. Mariposa drops Star with a clothesline. Mariposa gets Kondo Clutch and Star doesn’t quit. Star gets Mariposa in a sleeper hold and Martinez attacks Star. The Mack plants Star with a Stunner. Star gets in Mariposa in the fujiwara armbar and Mariposa shouts No Mas and Star picks up the victory. After the match Star locks in the fujiwara armbar again and tosses Mariposa out of the ring.

Brian Cage body