Natalya Appears On ESPN’s WWE Off The Top Rope

Natalya was the  special guest on the latest edition of ESPN’s WWE Off The Top Rope segment. Natalya spoke with Todd Grisham, who asked what it means for her to have Bret Hart in her corner at WWE Payback. Natalya jokes about expecting Jonathan Coachman instead, but says this past year has been hard for Bret, but it means the world to her. She says Bret being there and feeling good is a great thing, then Grisham asks about growing up in a wrestling family.

Natalya talks about having a wrestling ring in her yard, then talks about the Stu Hart ‘Dungeon’ and she says it was hard not to get involved when she had so many people to help her. Natalya then talks about signing with WWE in 2007 compared to now, and Grisham asks about the Divas division rebranding and overall change in women’s wrestling. Natalya talks about WWE being ahead of the curve and says this was a natural change and it was time, and now they have a division full of driven competitors who give their all. Natalya talks about being a bad dancer and an ‘ugly duckling’ or sorts, and wrestling just came naturally to her. She credits Triple H for giving her a big break in her career, and mentions it coming during her time in NXT in 2014 against Charlotte. Natalya talks about growing the women’s division back then, and that was the start of a movement that is now shared by all of the women in WWE.
Grisham says some claim the women’s title match at Wrestlemania 32 stole the show, then he asks about season six of Total Divas. Natalya talks about her reservations about doing the show, but it’s been awesome and gives people a chance to look at the WWE women in a new way outside of the ring. Natalya talks about visiting Dubai with Alicia Fox, and Total Divas has given her a chance to show a different side of herself and show that the WWE women is a family. She says it’s interesting to watch some of it back and see herself, then Grisham thanks her for appearing on the show.

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