Plans revealed for HBK’s WrestleMania Role

HBK body


Source: The Wrestling Observer

Shawn Michaels revealed on ESPN this past Tuesday night that he will indeed be watching WrestleMania 32 from inside the AT&T Stadium in Dallas, TX.

WWE has wanted Michaels back at major events in some capacity, as Ric Flair revealed in a “WOOOOO Nation!” podcast that WWE wanted HBK back for the Royal Rumble match this year.

According to The Wrestling Observer, two ideas have been pitched for HBK at WrestleMania this year. One would see him act as the special guest referee for the Triple H vs Roman Reigns match, as WWE has wanted a special guest referee for the bout in order to “stack the deck” against Reigns.

The second idea would be for HBK to do a run-in during a match like the NWO and DX did at WrestleMania last year. The idea would be that HBK would lead a group of legends to the ring to do the run-in for a yet to be determined match.

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