Randy Orton updates us on his injury status

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Source: After Buzz


Randy Orton was at the WWE Hall of Fame red carpet special last weekend and said he’s a few months away from a WWE return.

Orton spoke with AfterBuzzTV about when his shoulder injury happened?

“I had a match, October 15th in Chicago. And, I was in the ring with a couple of different guys, and it’s unclear to me what happened, but my shoulder got stretched back, and the capsule was stretched and I had a repair 12 years ago that was destroyed. So, I had a little pain, got an MRI and basically I was told that they had to fix my shoulder up again. I had a different guy do it and had a stabilization surgery done that they do on rugby players who go back to 100% full-time playing rugby, and those guys, they’re some tough customers. So, I got really fortunate with the doctor and I think everything’s going to be just fine, a couple more months.”  

Orton said he’s closer to a return in “a couple months, maybe 3-4”.  Below is the video: