RAW CatchCafe 9 results from Belgein: 04-08-16

Nikita body


Source: real American wrestling


Singles Match
Rex Rage defeats Ymah
Tag Team Match
Cyborg & Steve Venom defeat Danny Sparks & Rami Romeo
Singles Match
Demolition Davies defeats Nikita Charisma
Singles Match
Demolition Davies defeats Tiny Iron
Three Way Match
David Michel defeats Docteur Muller and Scott Rider
DWA World Heavyweight Title Match
Rob Raw (c) defeats Nitro
Singles Match
Audrey Bride defeats Esmee
14 Man Royal Rumble
Tiny Iron defeats Cyborg and Danny Sparks and David Michel and Demolition Davies and Docteur Muller and Nikita Charisma and Nitro and Rami Romeo and Rex Rage and Rob Raw and Scott Rider and Steve Venom and Ymah
– Docteur Muller & Scott Rider eliminieren Steve Venom
– Ymah eliminiert Danny Sparks
– David Michel eliminiert Scott Rider
– David Michel eliminert Cyborg
– Docteur Muller eliminiert David Michel
– Docteur Muller eliminiert Rami Romeo
– Docteur Muller eliminiert Rex Rage
– Tiny Iron eliminiert Nitro
– Demolition Davies eliminiert Rob Raw
– Demolition Davies eliminiert Nikita Charisma
– Tiny Iron eliminiert Ymah & Docteur Muller
– Tiny Iron eliminiert Demolition Davies

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