Recap of Brock Lesnar on ESPN Face to Face





Lesnar was asked why he chose WWE coming out of college. Lesnar says WWE pursued him well enough and there was no guarantee that football would work out for him. WWE also offered him a really good developmental deal that a “poor college kid” couldn’t turn down. In regards to what was the toughest part personally about getting into WWE, Lesnar says he wasn’t prepared for the lifestyle. He didn’t grow up a pro wrestling fan and never watched. Lesnar says the first time he had the desire to watch wrestling he was a senior in college, when WWE approached him to participate in their program.

Lesnar also talks about having substance abuse problems, mainly Vicodin and vodka, while he was WWE Champion and on the road. Lesnar says he wasn’t happy and had to get out of the wrestling business to save his life. Lesnar says he felt like a caged animal but he still had a calling to go compete somewhere. He tried the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings, which didn’t work out, then he got a phone call asking if he wanted to fight. That led to his one fight in Japan. Lesnar says he wanted to try UFC next but Dana White wouldn’t take his phone calls. That’s when Lesnar bought a ticket to UFC 74, hopped the rail after the show and met White.

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