Results From Full Impact Pro’s Everything Burns: 02-12-16

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Results From Full Impact Pro’s Everything Burns: 02-12-16:


Preshow match: Blanco Loco defeated Donovan Danhausen & Dezmond Xavier.

Trailer Park Nation Challenge Match: Earl Cooter w/Veronica Vox defeated Ozzie Gallagher via count out.

-Jaxson James defeated Brady Pierce.

-Gary Jay & Fred Yehi defeated Flying Solow (Jason Cade & Aaron Solow).

-Kameron Kade w/Trina Michaels defeated Chase Brown.

-The MSL Universe (Monster Tarver, Martin Stone & Josh Hess) w/Mister Saint Laurent defeated Black Baron, Stitch Osiris & Odinson.

-Teddy Stigma defeated ‘The Warpig’ Jody Kristofferson.

Florida Heritage Championship Match: Maxwell Chicago defeated Jonny Vandal w/ Trina Michaels.

FIP World Tag Team Championship Match: Brutalsville Death Match: The Hooligans (Devin Cutter & Mason Cutter) w/Uncle Leo defearted ‘Nick Maniwa Approved’ (Reed Bentley & Kerry Awful).

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