Steve Austin says he holds back in his WWE Podcast Interviews

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Source: Steve Austin Podcast


On the latest edition of “The Steve Austin Show”, which you can listen to in full at this link,  Austin talked about his WWE Network podcast and admitted he holds back during most of the interviews. Below is a quote from Austin during the show:

“A lot of the time, I hold back because I’m one of the boys and I’ve got to show up every damn month for a podcast. It’s not my goal to run anybody down…run anybody down that’s in control. I love the business, but it is what it is. I have my opinion. Sometimes, believe me, I’m holding back when I’m talking about my opinions because I don’t want to shoot a hole in anybody.

Sometimes, in talking, quite frankly, with WWE talent, you can’t go certain directions. There’s a line that is drawn that you really can’t cross over because they can’t bury themselves…they can’t talk about certain things, so, sometimes, it just is what it is.”


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