Superstar Billy Graham not impressed with Shane’s leap off the Cell

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Superstar Billy Graham recently wrote something on Facebook about Shane McMahon’s leap off the cell:


Shane McMahon

I give Shane McMahon zero credit for jumping off the top of that cage, landing on a table that collapsed after the Undertaker moved. Only fools put their life on the line for a stupid wrestling stunt. Risking being paralyzed or dying with a wife and children waiting for him. He has more money than he can spend. So this insane stunt was all for ego. Well, he didn’t impress me. Did he impress you folks?

One more thing. I am going on record as stating the Undertaker will not be retiring after this match. We will see him in Orlando next year. Why ? Because there was simply not a big enough build-up for his last match. Just a stupid childlike stipulation.

Any thoughts on this one ?

Superstar Billy Graham

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