PWF WrestleBowl Ember Results: 04-08-16

  Source: Premier Wrestling Fed   Dark Match DC Delaney defeats Dr. X Singles Match Bobby Wohlfert defeats Asaafi Singles Match Victor Andrews defeats

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Chikara’s Secret of the Ooze Results: 03-19-16

  Source:   Chikara’s Secret of the Ooze Results: 03-19-16:   -Eddie Kingston defeated Pinkie Sanchez. -Juan Francisco de Coronado & Wani defeated “Mr.

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Chikara’s Dead Man’s Chest and Evil Ways Results: 02-27 and 02-28-16

  Source:   On Saturday, Feb.27th CHIKARA presented Dead Man’s Chest. -Jaka defeated Shynron. -Pinkie Sanchez defeated Sid Gilmore. -The Devastation Corporation (Blaster

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