The New Day wants to fly on Unicorns for WrestleMania 32

New day body


Source: The Wrestling Observer

Big E revealed in a recent interview with GuideLive that he and The New Day have been working on a big entrance idea for WrestleMania 32:

“We’ve already kind of started getting people excited about our entrance”, Big E said, “which I’ve kind of wanted to temper expectations, but we had some media hits this morning, and Woods and Kofi were already telling people to look out for our entrance. So, I suppose our WrestleMania entrance is the big plan. There’s a good chance that it all gets nixed, and people are very disappointed, but we have something cooking.”According to The Wrestling Observer, New Day’s idea for their ‘Mania entrance is to fly around AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas on Unicorns.

At last word the idea had yet to be approved by WWE, but the Observer noted the team has a less than 50% chance of having that idea approved by officials.

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