TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers 04-05-16

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The following spoilers are for the April 5th edition of TNA Impact Wrestling, but due to the amount of content taped, it’s likely some of the matches and segments will air on later episodes of Impact in April:


* They start with an in-ring promo involving Matt and Jeff Hardy. Matt wants Jeff to stop using the Hardy name as it embarrasses him. He wants a match with Jeff for the rights to the “Hardy” name.

* Beer Money defeated Decay, Bram and Eric Young and the Bromans in a 4-Corner Match to retain the Tag Team Titles.

* Maria and Jade are in the ring. Maria wants Jade to give her the Knockouts Title but Jade refuses. Eventually a number of other Knockouts come out. Things are broken up by Billy Corgan who announces that there will be one match to determine who is the leader of the Knockouts Division. He also announces Jade vs Madison Rayne for the title tonight.

* DJ Z defeated Trevor Lee in a non-title match but gets beat down by Lee after. Eddie Edwards comes out and makes the save.


* Mike Bennett defeated EC3 by DQ after EC3 lost his cool and used a chair on Bennett.

* Al Snow comes to the ring. He apologizes for breaking Grado’s arm a few weeks ago and kicking Shera in the balls. Shera comes out and Snow apologizes to him. As they exit the ring together, Snow attacks Shera. Snow doesn’t respect the young talent.

* Jade defeated Madison Rayne to retain the Knockouts Title.


* Matt Hardy and Tyrus defeated Jeff Hardy and EC3 after Matt hit Jeff with a hammer. After the match, Lashley came out and hit two Spears on Drew Galloway.

* Eric Young and Bram are in the ring. EY is trash talking everyone saying he hates everyone in the building. He is taking his King of the Mountain belt and leaving TNA. He said that he and Bram quit but Bram refuses saying he is sick of being EY’s lackey. Bram challenged EY to a title match but EY low-blows him and hits him with a Piledriver. EY goes to the back and grabs scissors. He cuts Bram’s beard claiming he is the only one in TNA allowed to have a beard.


* Trevor Lee defeated DJ Z and Eddie Edwards in a 3-Way Match when Andrew Everett came out of nowhere and pushed Edwards off the top turnbuckle, leading to Lee getting the pinfall.

* Al Snow defeated Shera after hitting him with a chain. Before the match, Snow went on a rant saying that he hates fans and he hates how fans who used to be in the crowd are now wrestling in the ring. He called fans sheep. Al keeps attacking Shera a little after the bell but soon leaves.


* Drew Galloway is in the ring for a promo. He said he had broken ribs because of Lashley so he isn’t cleared to wrestle. He calls out Lashley but the challenge is met by Rockstar Spud instead. He runs his mouth before he and Tyrus attack Galloway. Tyrus said he is cashing in his Bound For Gold match next week.


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