TNA Wrestling doing bad?

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With all the rumors going around, TNA is in bad shape. They have not been paying their wrestlers on time. Pay issues are what let several TNA stars to go elsewhere.  The product they put out is also not on the level of WWE at all.  They need a lot of work if they want to continue to stay open.  This led to the departure of several people. Many are also planning to leave when their deals are up, like Matt and Jeff Hardy, and even EC3 is rumored to go as well. Two others, Bobby Roode and Eric Young, left this past week.

Roode and Young left TNA over contract issues. Roode seemingly was done with contract talks well before he left, while Young was just recently in talks with TNA but could not come to an agreement.

According to the Wrestling Observer, morale was said to have been low behind the scenes in TNA during the recent round of Pop TV tapings. This could be due to a lot of things, such as the loss of Roode and Young. However, most think there is more to it. Many of the TNA workers feel the company is going nowhere, which is not a good sign.

The company is no longer on Spike TV. They aren’t part of the Discovery Communications package either with Destination America. They are on Pop TV and  TNA’s ratings have been terrible.

They even landed under 300,000 for some shows many fans thought were good. TNA has yet to reach half a million viewers on the network. On top of this, the money seems to be drying up and the morale is down.  Im hoping they pick up their game because WWE needs some serious competition so they can get better to!

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