WWE Cruiserweight Series news and Kalisto backstage

At EVOLVE 61 in Queens, NY, two qualifying matches for the WWE Cruiserweight Classic will take place. The matches will feature Tracy Williams vs Drew Gulak, and Fred Yehi vs TJ Perkins.

**Updated 3:18pm Sunday May 8th, 2016:

TJ Perkins and Drew Gulak advanced to the WWE Cruiserweight Classic, as both men won their qualifying round matches at  Evolve 61 IPPV event.

TJ Perkins is 31-years-old and a long-time TNA talent, wrestling under the names Suicide and Manik, and is a former X-Division Champion.

Drew Gulak is a 29-year-old long-time Combat Zone Wrestling talent, winning the promotions World Heavyweight Championship, tag team championship, and television title.


I can’t wait for the WWE Cruiserweight series. I’m a big fan of the smaller guys. I’m a smaller guy.  I’m glad to see WWE finally looking at the smaller guys in wrestling. Wrestling don’t always have to be full of big muscle bound guys. Smaller guys are really good workers and really fast and deserve the respect they are finally getting.  One of my friends, Kalisto is a perfect example. So happy for him.  Speaking of Kalisto, he was recently backstage at a indie Chicago event visiting a friend. Good guy. Here is a pic of him backstage:



Source: Evolve Wrestling

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