WWE NXT Results: 03-30-16

Steve Cutler


WWE NXT Results
March 30th 2016


American Alpha vs Corey Hollis and John Skylar

Jordan starts off the match against Hollis. Jordan goes behind Hollis and pulls him into American Alpha’s corner. Gable tags in and takes Hollis down, locking in a hammer lock. Hollis elbows Gable in the face and tags in Skylar. Skylar slaps on a hammer lock of his own, but Gable reverses it. Gable tags in Jordan who dropkicks Skylar. Skylar slaps on a hammer lock of his own, but Gable reverses it. Gable tags in Jordan who dropkicks Skylar. Gable suplexes Hollis. Jordan tags in and cradle suplexes Hollis. Jordan whips Hollis into the corner and spears him. Jordan tags in Gable for their tossing suplex finish for the win.

Winners- American Alpha

Backstage The Revival are shown watching American Alpha on a monitor.

During an exclusive interview Finn Bálor says Samoa Joe is obsessed with winning the NXT title. Bálor says Joe is obsessed with the wrong things. Bálor says he is obsessed with being the best and that is why he will still the NXT champion after NXT Takeover Dallas.


Baron Corbin vs Mike K.

Corbin walks into a few elbows from Mike K. Corbin responds with a clotheslines that folds Mike K. inside out. Corbin hits deep six for the win.

Winner- Baron Corbin

After the match Corbin picks up Mike K. and destroys him with the end of days.


The Revival vs Tucker Knight and Steve Cutler

Dash locks up with Cutler. Cutler goes behind and locks in a hammer lock. Dawson tags in and kicks Cutler in the head and suplexes him. Dash tags back in. Dawson lifts up Cutler and drops him Dash’s knee. Dash and Dawson take turns beating down Cutler. Dash and Dawson attempt a double team maneuver but Cutler flips over him and tags in Knight. Knight comes in and cleans house. Dawson runs out of the ring and Knight gives chase. When Knight gets back in the ring he runs right into the elevated inverted gut buster for the win.

Winners- The Revival

Backstage American Alpha are watching The Revival celebrate.


Apollo Crews vs Alex Riley 

Crews sends Riley to the mat with a stiff shoulder block. Riley forces Crews into the corner and lands a few punches and kicks. Riley whips Crews into the corner, but Crews explodes out of the corner with a clothesline. Crews hits the high angle enzguri, followed by the tossing powerbomb for the win.

Winner- Apollo Crews

After the match, Elias Samson walks down to the ring singing and playing the guitar. Crews tells Samson to get in the ring. Samson walks away.
Backstage Baron Corbin says Austin Aries hasn’t set foot in an arena since he beat him down. After Corbin destroys him he will be left sitting at one of those conventions next to Virgil.

Samoa Joe vs Bull Dempsey

As soon as the bell ring Dempsey attacks Joe. Joe tries to get away but he runs into Dempsey’s running body block. Joe surprises Dempsey with a kick to the face. Joe whips Dempsey into the corner. Joe Lands a running elbow followed by Joe’s signature falling reverse enzguri. Joe face washes Dempsey, but before Joe can hit the running boot Dempsey gets up and socks him. Dempsey telegraphs a back body drop, which allows Joe to hit an STO. Joe picks up Dempsey and locks in the coquina clutch. Dempsey taps out immediately.

Winner- Samoa Joe

After the bell rings Joe refuses to let go of the hold. More referees come to the ring and they can’t pry Joe off of Dempsey. William Regal comes out with a few wrestlers. Joe lets go just long enough to beat the crap out of them. Joe goes back to Dempsey and puts him back in the clutch. Finn Bálor runs in and attacks Joe. Bálor drops kicks Joe, which sends him tumbling to the outside. Bálor lands another drop kick that sends Joe flying through the barricade. Bálor goes into the crowd after Joe. Joe tosses Bálor over the announce table into Corey Graves. Multiple wrestlers pour out of the locker room to pull apart Joe and Bálor. Bálor dives off the announce table onto Joe as the show ends.


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