WWE NXT Results: 05-04-16

WWE NXT RESULTS: 05-04-16:

Samoa Joe comes to the ring and gloats about being the new NXT Champion, and says if anyone wants a shot at him, they can come get it. That brings out Eric Young to a good reaction and holy shit chants. (Even I said Holy Shit) Eric Young says he knows who Joe is, and gets in Joe’s face. Joe leaves the ring and says Young doesn’t deserve to be in the same ring as him, and the next time he is, he’ll beat EY’s ass.



Nia Jax defeats Tessa Blanchard (Daughter of Tully Blanchard)

Nia Jax tosses Blanchard around like a rag doll. Squash match.  A leg drop finishes her off in about 90 seconds.



Austin Aries defeats Tye Dillinger

Aries starts out the match with a couple of arm drags, but gets tossed into the turnbuckles hard, which gets a two for Dillinger. Aries rolls through an Irish whip and clotheslines Dillinger before an enziguri and a slingshot senton send the Perfect 10 outside. Aries follows up with a corkscrew plancha and a roped neckbreaker.

Dillinger catches Aries with a boot and a fireman’s carry neckbreaker that almost gets the pin. He removes the knee pad to set up his finish, but walks right into a rolling elbow. Aries connects with a 450 Splash to get the win.


A look back at The Revival attacking the Hype Bros.



The Revival defeats Hype Bros.

Ryder is isolated and worked over in the corner of Dash and Dawson. Ryder counters a bulldog from Dash and gets Mojo the tag. Rawley runs wild briefly, but Dash and Dawson hit the Shatter Machine for the win.


Alex Riley is backstage and says Nakamura is half his size and 1/10th as strong, and he’s going to get punched in the face by a raging lunatic, because it’s time to RAGE.


No Way Jose defeats Noah Kekoa

Jose gets a great reaction, including Jose’ chants to the ole tune. Jose does some classic chain wrestling. Noah gets some offense that only pisses Jose off, who baseball punches Noah in the face. A full nelson slam wins it for Jose.


Austin Aries tells Cathy Kelley she looks nice and brags about his win over Dillinger. He says he’s flying under the radar and people don’t know what to make of him. He leaves to eat a banana after saying standing out will take a little more initiative.



Samoa Joe defeats Eric Young

Both men trade strikes until a front dropkick and a neckbreaker get just a one count for Eric Young. Joe tosses Young out of the ring and hits a suicide dive. Young is fighting back, only to be crushed in the corner and clocked with an enziguri.

Joe catches EY with a senton, but Young fires back briefly, before taking a huge back body drop. Joe runs right through Young and beats him down in the corner, but flips over the turnbuckle, and clotheslines Samoa Joe to the mat. A suplex from Eric Young gets a two, but Joe avoids a piledriver and uranages Young before striking him relentlessly. A Muscle Buster and Kokina Clutch finish Young off.


Joe refuses to release a Kokina Clutch after the match and Young goes out cold.


Joe vs balor body


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