WWE Smackdown Spoilers/Results and NXT Spoilers for 03-02-16


WWE Smackdown Spoilers from Atlanta Georgia Tonight 03-02-16:

Dean Ambrose started the show with a promo, talking about his match against Triple H at WWE Roadblock. Kevin Owens cuts him off and says he needs someone to fight, then tries to attack Ambrose from behind. Ambrose ducks Owens’ swing and hits him with a chair.

The League of Nations defeated The Usos

 Dolph Ziggler defeated The Miz
Dolph won with a rollup

Sasha Banks versus Becky Lynch
The match is ruled a no contest after Charlotte interferes and attacks them both

AJ Styles defeated Kofi Kingston
AJ wins with a springboard elbow

Dean Ambrose defeated Kevin Owens

Ambrose wins with Dirty Deeds in a non-title match. Owens tried to attack Ambrose and put him through a table, but Ambrose countered an elbow dropped Owens on it to end the show.

NXT Spoilers for 03-02-16:

The Vaudevillains defeated Hugo Knox and Tucker Knight.

Elias Samson defeated Steve Cutler.

Emma (w/Dana Brooke) defeated Santana Garrett.

William Regal announced one of his biggest signings to date. Out came Austin Aries.  As Aries was walking towards the ring, he’s attacked from behind by Baron Corbin. Corbin throws him into the LED board on the ring. He then hits an End of Days on the floor. He rips Aries’ shirt off and tosses it in Regal’s face.

NXT champion Finn Balor defeated Neville.

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