How Can You Train At Wrestle-1’s Dojo?

This is an amazing opportunity for pro wrestlers all around the around. If you’re a beginner or even a seasoned worker and still want to learn more, this is the best place to learn from. For years, the Japanese dojos are known for the most intense wrestling training in the world. If you get through a dojo, you’re considered an excellent worker and will basically get booked anywhere you want. That’s how respected the Japanese wrestling dojos are. But even if you’re only a wrestling fan that is thinking about going to a professional wrestling school, skip that and go here. You will learn a lot in a Dojo.  I’m not knocking the American Wrestling Schools. They are amazing and you do learn a lot from them to. But don’t pass up a great opportunity to have a chance to train at a Japanese Dojo.

WRESTLE-1 offers a very attractive opportunity to wrestlers or those aspiring to get into pro-wrestling with their new International Wrestling Camp. WRESTLE-1 offers the opportunity to expand your skills within the squared circle through the style of Japanese pro-wrestling or to even learn pro-wrestling from scratch in the International Training Camp offered by the promotion founded by Keiji Muto (The Great Muta). For a total amount of $3,500  you will get the opportunity to participate in a three week training camp in the WRESTLE-1 dojo in Tokyo. This includes food and lodging in the dojo in Tokyo, but not the airfare to Japan. The coaches are Kaz Hayashi, Hiroshi Yamato, and KAI while previous camp participants were also able to get advice from legendary Keiji Muto and former WWE/ECW Superstar and Yoshihiro Tajiri.

Each participant is guaranteed two dark matches at a WRESTLE-1 show in front of an authentic Japanese crowd. WRESTLE-1 officials will take those performances into consideration for professional work in the future. From their first camp of five, two were invited to work for WRESTLE-1 professionally. The promotion sent out the following press release:

“WRESTLE-1 is proud to announce our International Wrestling Camp.

To share Japanese pro wrestling with the world and give foreign wrestlers a chance to make a career in Japan, we are running pro wrestling camps where people from around the world can live and train in WRESTLE-1’s dojo in Tokyo Japan for three weeks.  They will participate in dark matches on WRESTLE-1’s shows, and be considered for a paid position as a WRESTLE-1 wrestler.  Our next camp is May 10 to May 31.  $3500 USD including food and board.  Transportation/flight is not included.

WRESTLE-1 is also happy to announce our new beginners’ camp.  Anyone looking to start a career in professional wrestling, even with no experience, is welcome to learn the basics at our dojo in Japan, living, training, and eating with our wrestlers.  If you have potential, you may be offered a spot as a WRESTLE-1 ‘young boy’ trainee, and a future career in pro wrestling in Japan.  First beginners’ camp is June 7 to 28.  $3500 USD including food and board.  Transportation/flight is not included.”

If this once in a lifetime offer to come together with wrestlers from around the world has sparked your interest you’re only one application away from going to Japan. An e-mail to could be your entry way into Japanese pro-wrestling.

If I was just starting out as a wrestler, I would attend the New beginners’ camp. If I was already into it a few years, I would still go to the International Training Camp. Very good learning experience. I’m at end of my career now, that’s the only reason I’m not doing it.  But young workers, go for it!

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