About Us


Once upon a time, two friends decided to start a wrestling website because they LOVED wrestling. Hell, one of the friends was an established Pro Wrestler who had faced many a legend. Thus, Talesfromtheturnbuckle.com was born!

With a ton of wrestling sites out there, you may be wondering what we have to offer that is different from all the others. Well, for starters, we like to think we bring to the table interesting articles written by dedicated fans with unique outlook’s. We try to land great interviews and ask the questions you want to know answers to all while keeping things fun. We also give the Indie wrestling world more attention than anyone else. There are a lot of hard working men and women delivering entertainment to us night after night and they deserve to be recognized. Besides, tomorrows legends have to start somewhere right?

Our goal here is to honor Pro Wrestling as it deserves to be, and to share our love with you guy’s. Don’t be afraid to message us and tell us what you think or would like to see.


-The Team