Johnny Mundo talks Lucha in Malaysia

Lucha Underground Star Johnny Mundo recently spoke with

What the Malaysian TV audience can expect from Lucha Underground:

“Malaysians can definitely expect a completely revolved style of wrestling. It’s Lucha Libre blended with the American style of storytelling. All in all, viewers will be impressed with the way we tell the story.”

How he got involved with Lucha Underground and the transition from WWE to Lucha Underground:

“I used to wrestle in WWE, where I met Chris (DeJoseph, a Lucha Under-ground writer) and have stayed good friends with him. Well, he contacted me before the show started and he wanted me to be the first person he signed up. You know how you never really believe anything until it happens.”

“So I came down to the set, and we started talking about how Lucha Underground aims to portray wrestling, the production styles and everything. It was a sure thing, as I was already really interested in film production, Robert Rodriguez’s work and wrestling.”

Favorite moments:

“That is difficult to choose. I would say the matches I had at the beginning of Season One as well as the taping. It really reinvigorated my passion for wrestling, something I didn’t get to do in WWE.”

“It was the moments in the ring with Prince Puma, Phoenix, Rey Mysterio and the ability to use these skills I have developed my entire life – because that was (why) I just left WWE and wrestling – it’s something I’m extremely passionate about.”

How involved Robert Rodriguez is with Lucha Underground:

“Robert is the busiest person I have ever known. He’s a very hands-on person. He works on everything, and he advises us on how the production works.”

How Lucha Underground has been received by the Lucha Libre community:

“So far I have been hearing great reviews from everybody. People are blown away by the production, the art direction and Robert Rodriguez’s style. You can’t see this anywhere else where you can’t expect cliffhangers or answers. In fact I was shocked to see how many people have seen Lucha Underground, it’s reached Germany, Britain, and soon Malaysia. It just keeps growing from there.”


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