Sting tells the Coach why he decided to Retire



Source: ESPN


Sting spoke with Jonathan Coachman of ESPN following his Hall of Fame induction, where Sting shocked the world with his retirement.

Sting on having to announce his retirement despite wanting one more match:

“It was a difficult moment for me, because you have the crowd chanting ‘One more match’ and I wanted that one more match. It is time, for several different reasons, but it was hard to do after 30 years.”

Sting on the injury he suffered during his 2015 Night of Champions match against Seth Rollins:

“At Night of Champions against Seth Rollins, there was like a whiplash that happened twice in the match. The first one was shock and numbness down the fingers, and I’ve had that before, but this was pretty severe. The second time it happened I lost control of my legs. Long story short, I have spinal cervical stenosis in two areas of my neck.”

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