Triple H’s press conference, he unveils names for Global Cruiserweight Series

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Triple H had a press conference yesterday and this is what he had to say:


Triple H starts the call putting over the different styles between @itsBayleyWWE & @WWEAsuka saying he’s wanted this for a while. Triple H Calls Asuka a destroyer. Triple H then praises Austin Aries and thinks Baron Corbin has really come into his own. HHH adds he’s been a longtime fan of Shinsuke Nakamura, and says Sami Zayn always wows people.

On the WWE Global Cruiserweight Series, Triple H says the tourney has a lot of buzz. Rich Swann, Tommaso, Gargano & several other UK, Chinese and Japanese stars will all be involved in the series.

NXT will be doing another UK tour in June starting with the Download Festival and then they will head to Belfast, Dublin, Liverpool & more cities.

HHH shares the same view as Labar in that they both do on not like to use the phrase “main roster” because it lessens NXT. HHH says he has guys calling saying they love it they make it to RAW/SD but they say if they can just be on NXT, that’s still great to them.

On the WWE Global Cruiserweight relationship with indy promotions Triple H says they are still figuring a lot of it out and what they can cross promote to make it a win/win for all.

HHH adds he loves how NXT is growing but doesn’t want to oversaturate the brand by making weekly shows longer. He says he’s thrilled with how it’s all going.

HHH jokes about doing a run-in during a Cruiserweight match and doing a hurricanrana (which he admits he can’t do that move).

Triple H says if NXT puts on a phenomenal show Friday it lights a fire under those for Sunday night at WrestleMania and that’s good.

On the difference between WWE and other promotions, HHH says when you walk into #WWE from anywhere else, there is a difference between the production they do and anyone else. Triple H added that can be a learning curve for new talents coming into the company.

For example, Triple H says for Shinsuke Nakamura there is a learning curve in how he presents his fantastic abilities in the #WWE and #NXT production environment.

On the NXT touring process, Triple H loves they can do NXT shows simultaneously, one on the road and one back in Florida to get as many talents as they can in front of an audience.

HHH says the Cruiserweight series will be an event in itself and where it goes after it is finished is up in the air.

On why lightweight division went away in #WWE, Triple H said he doesn’t have a solid answer but he thinks things run its course but it’s time to go back now.

Triple H says Shinsuke Nakamura has a ton of charisma but it can be tough to describe him to someone not familiar with his previous work.

On rumors that Vince McMahon doesn’t much like WWE NXT, Triple H said Vince is “sure is spending a lot of money on something he doesn’t like.”

Triple H says Vince is a promoter and talent is talent but it’s “not accurate” to say Vince doesn’t like NXT.

Triple H revealed Rich Swann, Tommaso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano, Zack Sabre Jr., Noam Dar, Ho Ho Lun and Akira Tozawa will all be involved in the upcoming WWE Global Cruiserweight Series. More names will be revealed as the event draws closer.

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