Will there be a Brand Split in WWE? Find out at Payback

Shane McMahon has been doing a great job running Monday Night Raw since WrestleMania 32 and it has kept The Authority off Raw. Stephanie McMahon returned in this week’s episode of Raw in Hartford, Connecticut to confront his brother.

Stephanie made an important announcement. Mr. McMahon will decide which of his two children will be controlling Raw for good.

Since Shane is still in control of Raw this week, he had her sister escorted by security and removed from the building. Now, rumors are going crazy online on what Mr. McMahon’s huge decision is?

Vince McMahon will decide just who will run RAW going forward at WWEPayback!


One of those rumors will be a possible brand split with Shane gaining control of Raw and The Authority leading SmackDown or vice versa. Vince could also make a match between Shane-O-Mac and Stephanie’s husband, Triple H to determine the fate of Raw.


Source: Wrestling Observer


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