TFTTB Exclusive Interview with Chyna

Hello Everyone and welcome to the interview with the best female wrestler in the world, she was the strongest, she beat most of the men up, and she is the first female to hold a man’s championship, the intercontinental title.  she is a icon to female wrestling.  Ladies and Gentlemen, The 9th Wonder of the World, Joanie Chyna Laurer. Welcome.


1. what age did you start being a bodybuilder?

I started being a bodybuilder at the age of 21.

Chyna ironman

2. What languages did you learn in college?

Japanese, spanish, italian, and numerous others. Very fluent in multiple languages. 

3. When did you start entering fitness competitions?

When I was 25.

Chyna bodybuilder

4. What made you want to be a pro wrestler?

When I Realized that Wrestling is all I ever wanted to do. I never wanted to do anything else but learn from Legends like Killer Kowalski and make it to the top of the wrestling industry.  Never would have dreamed I would step foot in a WWE ring. I was just a bodybuilder and caught a big break being discovered by Hunter and Shawn.

chyna wrestler

5. What School Did You Train At?

I trained at a dojo in Japan and Killer Kowalski’s school. 

6. How did it feel being in singles matches against male wrestlers after the royal rumble act?

It felt amazing to be in singles competition because it broke barriers and made men realize that women can fight men just as well as men can fight men.

chyna wrestler1

7. Your Thoughts On Killer Kowalsi?

Killer Kowalski will always be known as a true legend, a true hall of Famer, and the best performer out there in the wrestling world.


8.Did Fabulous Moolah Ever try to screw you out of pay?

Yes Moolah did try to screw each and every one out of payment.


9. How Was Hugh Heffer?

He was an honest and Terrific guy. He treats his girls with respect and despite rumors, he don’t hit on his girls. He’s very professional. 

Chyna playboy

10. How Did It Feel Being A New York Times Best Selling Author For Your Book Chyna: if they only knew?

When I found out my book was a best selling book, it made me want to do more books which I hope to be getting done sometime in 2016. Stay tuned….

Chyna book

11. Do The students In Japan know your Chyna, do they ever want pictures or autographs?

Yes the students are always asking for pictures and autographs but usually Japan culture is a culture that keeps to themselves and minds their own business, there’s not a lot of paparazzi or fans.

chyna japan

12. Do you currently watch any wrestling shows?

Yes I try to still watch  WWE. The product hasn’t been good in so long. I’ll try to catch TNA from time to time and indie shows are always fun to watch. But my favorite time was my time spent wrestling in Japan and I loved watching Japanese Wrestling Events.  Mr. Inoki is a true legend to our sport.


13. Why Do You think Triple h is covering up the fact that he hit you?

I honestly think he’s covering it up because of his wife and his children. Also because he’s in the wrestling industry and doesn’t want to admit it because it will make him look bad. But he can lie all he wants, he did hit me. Also I have to say that for them to let X-PAC on television but not me is wrong. He did the video with me. But I’m the only one blackballed. 

chyna hunter

14. Thoughts on Vince Russo and the interview you did with him?

Vince Russo will always be magical because not only did we both work for WWE but he has stuck by my side through everything, and the with the interview I felt like it was time to tell the truth about everything that has happened in the past 15 years. I do believe I am ready to let it all go and maybe someday be in the WWE  HALL OF FAME.


15.How do you feel about the WWE hall of fame?

I feel like I am well deserving to be in the hall of fame because not only is it well overdue but I think I’m not in it NOT because of my actions or porn, but because of Stephanie McMahon. I feel like as long as she’s in the company I’ll never be in the hall of fame. I’m hoping to be in the hall of fame one year as myself or inducted as a group with DX. 

Chyna DX
16.How is your teaching gig going in Japan?

The Students are wonderful! My teaching job in Japan is going terrific! I love teaching English to Japanese students because it’s relaxing and I feel like I am making an impact in their life’s, but it’s a lot of paper work.

17. What was your personal Life with triple h like?

My personal life with Triple H had it’s good and bad moments. It’s like any other relationship. We loved each other, but as you know, things changed. He cheated.  Him cheating on me wasn’t what got me really angry. It was the fact that him and Stephanie have been doing it behind my back for so long. The McMahon-Helmsley storyline you saw on TV was happening in real life. Everybody knew it but me. I didn’t find out till I found a love not from Stephanie. When i confronted her, she basically told me to back off or get fired because she is in live with Hunter and I can’t be anymore. 

18. Your Thoughts on Jeff Jarrett and your feud with him?

My thought on Jeff Jarrett will always be he’s a good guy, great worker. We had some great matches together. Very happy to have defeated him for The Intercontinental Championship. It was such a proud moment for me to win a man’s title.  But I just don’t like him, and our feud It is what it is.

19.What are your thoughts on working with Lita and Trish stratus?

Both of them are terrific girls.  Lita is an outstanding performer. Back in the day, ring in and ring out, she always gave it all her best. Trish Stratus, what I think about her is she will always be known as a hall of famer on par with Lita. Trish is also an outstanding performer but Lita gave it her best just a little more than Trish.

chyna lita


20. Were you fired by WWE or did you quit?

I have said this before, I was NEVER fired and I also NEVER quit, I was released immediately after I found out about Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

21 What are your feelings about being involved in DX?

DX was great. It gave my career a huge boost. I learned alot of Shawn. Shawn was a good teacher and treated me like a sister. I will never have anything to see about HBK. He always treated me good. If it wasn’t for DX giving me that boost, I probably wouldn’t have been over as much as I was.  I didn’t do to bad after DX, did I? 2 Time Intercontinental Champion, former woman’s champion. I think I did alright.

Chyna DX1


22. What were your thoughts on working with Shawn Michaels?

He’s a great performer, he has always been their for me and we have always worked well together, and we still talk and he will always be known as Mr. WrestleMania. Just like what I said in the last question you asked me.

23.Did WCW try to offer you a contract before WWE?

Yes they did and I turned them down because I felt WWE would be a better choice to make me well known as a Diva.

24.How did it feel to become the first ever Intercontential champion as a female competitor?

It felt great to win the championship and be the only female to ever win it because to this day I am still the only female Intercontential champion and I believe that was my biggest achievement in my wrestling career.

chyna champ

25. How was your match for the European championship against Kurt angle?

The match was great and I believe Kurt Angle can seriously hurt someone inside of a squared circle if he wanted to. That’s how good he is in that ring. 

chyna angle


Thank you so much Joanie for being a very very special guest on, good luck teaching in Japan and I hope we get to see you in the ring one more time.  Take care


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