TFTT Exclusive Interview with Jasmin St Claire

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Today we have a very speical guest on Tales from The Turnbuckle, someone who ran a wrestling promotion called 3PW, is very heavily involved in rock and roll and metal, and was in a horror movie. The Lovely Jasmin St. Claire, Welcome





Have you always been a pro wrestling fan and if so, what wrestlers were your favorites?

Yes!! I loved the Ultimate Warrior, The Rockers, Hulk Hogan, Sherri Martel and Jimmy Snuka



Did you ever watch GLOW and what did you think of GLOW?

No, but oddly enough I was trained by Sue Sexton

Sue SExton

Who trained you to become involved in pro wrestling?

Sue sexton and Mando Guerrero

Mando G


How did you like working for the XWF and who did you manage there?

I worked with 2 amazing guys that have unfortunately passed away; the south philly posse which were formerly of ECW before known as public enemy tag team. Johnny and Rocco were both great guys. I loved working for jimmy hart.

Public Enemy


How was your time in ECW?

Amazing! I am grateful to this day for the Dudley boys introducing me to Paul Heyman and Paul giving me opportunity.

Paul Heyman


Who were some of the wrestlers you managed in ECW?

The blue meanie



How was your feud with the queen of extreme Francine and your thoughts on Francine?

Great and I haven’t even thought about her..think she’s off the radar .


Did you wrestle any other females besides Francine in ECW?



Did you get hurt at all with that vicious piledriver from the top rope that Rhino gave you on a ECW show?

Hehe…I’ll never tell. But it was lotsa fun!



While in ECW, did you ever have any interactions with Tammy Sunny Sytch or Beulah?




How was your relationship with The Blue Meanie?

He used to hit me.


What made you decide to run your own wrestling company 3PW?

I wanted to be one the 1st female wrestling promoter. It was a challenge and it was fun.



Whats your thoughts on Missy Hyatt and your match with her?

She’s underrated. I adore her and wish her well with everything.




You brought in alot of top wrestling legends from Abdullah the Butcher, Kevin Sullivan, Dusty Rhodes, Jerry Lawler, Terry Funk, etc. Did you have a good working relationship with all those legends?

Yes!!! They were all professional and it was a privilege to have them work with me.



How was your time with TNA Wrestling?

I had a great time and would do it again.



Describe what the movie Swamp Zombies was about and your character in the horror film?

I played a mischevious hospital administrator that was conducting experiments with dead bio fuels that turned into zombies.



Have you done any other horror films besides that?

Go on my imdb. I do thrillers ,mora a and comedy.


Whats your favorite horror film?

Omen and the exorcist. I also love Hitchcock.



How did you get picked to be the spokesperson and model for Coffin Case?

I was modeling for BC Rich and I’m a real metalhead.

Coffin Case


Who are some of your favorite rock and roll bands/metal bands?

Cannibal corpse, king diamond, sepultura, arch enemy, iron maiden, Judas Priest, testament, exodus, ex mortus, Amon Amarth, dark tranquility, dark funeral, carcass , dummy borgir and many more

Iron Maiden


How’s it like working for Metaldarkside?

It was a great time.


Do you enjoy being the host for Metal Scene Tv Show?

Yes,….I loved working there and had a good time doing what I loved


Do you still write for Rock Brigade magazine in Brazil?


Rock Brigade


I know your heavily involved in the metal scene. Do you play any instruments?

I used to take guitar and drum lessons as a kid. I’ll leave it to the professionals.


Is there anything else you would like to discuss or promote?

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Thank you Jasmin, for being a guest today on Tales from the Turnbuckle, it was a pleasure chatting with you. Good luck in everything!


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