Balls Mahoney remembered



Asbury Park Press recently posted an editorial featuring comments from friends of ECW Original Balls Mahoney. 

The article features quotes from schoolmates and wrestling teammates of Mahoney (Jon Rechner). Click here    to read article.   posted a look at Mahoney’s career, with collected match highlights from WWE and ECW, including ECW and WWE TV, as well as the ECW One Night Stand PPV where Mahoney faced off with Masato Tanaka.

WrestlePro owner and promoter Pat Buck posted the following Facebook article remembering Balls Mahoney, who passed away on Tuesday night:

Balls Mahoney was the most interesting person in professional wrestling and I’m very sad he’s gone. I didn’t know Balls Mahoney until post WWE-ECW, so I’m not one to comment on the craziness and hilariousness that I am sure ensued during and before that time. I did however, get to experience Balls in all forms for the last four years, and might of been the last promotion to have him around consistently. Even if he wasn’t booked, he showed up anyway. I’m happy to have known him for that time. 

On the first show I ever promoted, the very first match was Balls Mahoney vs Marty Jannetty. Marty had a double shot that day, so I called them both over to let them know what I wanted. “Six minutes, no promos please, Marty up, have fun and thank you guys.” They seemed eager and happy that it was going to be an easy stress free night. A few minutes later, Balls’ music hits and the crowd lights up. There’s just something about that tune that always got people going. Balls immediately grabs the microphone curses about five or six times and changes the match to an Extreme Rules match. About 8 minutes in, Marty hits Balls with a plastic chair and down goes Balls. Balls gets to his feet after, stumbles near the ropes, and vomits onto the floor, the ring, and some of the front row. Thank you for my first wrestling panic attack, Balls. 

Balls hobbled to the back warning me “Don’t eat the french fries! They’re bad!” At that point, I cared more about getting the puke off the ring mats and making ammends to the front row fans that now had vomit on their Nikes. Soon after, I ran into Balls again. “Sorry, Pat. I ate some bad salmon last night.” An hour later….”Hey Pat, sorry again. Too many vitamins I mixed them up real bad.”…..half hour later.. “Pat I must of got a concussion from that chair shot. That’s why I puked.” Bless his heart. Balls then stood up and fastened his jean shorts with a large piece of what looked like shoe string. I went from being kind of mad, to confused, to kind of happy. “Balls, why don’t you wear a belt? Want me to get you a belt?” I asked. Balls shook his head. “No need, got the string!” 

He was always kind to the guys. He always cared for them wanted to be around them. One thing is true about Balls; at his core he was a good fun loving person. He had crazy stories that were true and not so true. He should of had a reality show, because he was a living cartoon. 

My favorite Balls memory was when he showed up to an event wanting to reinvent himself. He was extra polite that day wearing a smoking jacket, jean shorts, glasses and read a book in the lockeroom the entire show. Literally, that’s what happened.

Last November, Balls no showed an event. I didn’t notice until after the show that I had a missed voicemail. It was his friend saying Balls was in a car accident and he was in the hospital. The story went on and on, but the catch was I could hear Balls in the background feeding the caller lines to tell me. Again, I couldn’t get mad at that. And the next day we were texting about football. 

He was only 44. He loved his son and wrestling. He had his addictions, but he was always positive to be around. There will never be another one like him. Godspeed to his beloved wife and son. Thanks for the memories, Ballsy!