Chyna Video Tributes From Around The Internet

In the days following her passing, many fans inside and out of the professional wrestling business have chimed in on social media with their admiration of Joanie “Chyna” Laurer. Competitors from yesterday and today from every promotion imaginable took to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to talk about her achievements from throughout her career and the lasting effect that her legacy has left on women’s wrestling and sports entertainment in general. Even our own Hellter Skelter shared his grief with the Tales From The Turnbuckle readers earlier this week. But right now, we wanted to take a look at the various video tributes that have hit the web in honor of Chyna. First, we have the video package from WWE that aired on Raw this week:

Next, we have Vince Russo‘s extremely impassioned video podcast in which he remembers his friend. And in typical Vince Russo fashion, he’s not afraid to get real with some of the things that he has to say:

Finally, we have a number of fan-made videos that were created to look back on Chyna’s trail-blazing, barrier-breaking, and ass-kicking career. These memorials contain footage from her iconic WWE Women’s Championship reigns, her milestone runs as the WWE Intercontinental Champion, and her impressive Royal Rumble appearances, as well as her time with the likes of DX, Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, Mark Henry, and more. Have a look at what the WWE Universe has to offer as they look back on legendary career of Chyna: