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Fabulous Freebirds 2016 Hall of Fame




WWE Hall of Fame 2016
April 2nd, 2016

WWE Red-Carpet Ceremony Notes: 

– Maria Menounos & Byron Saxton are the master of ceremonies for tonight’s event. Renee Young & Cathy Kelley is our red carpet interviewer’s. Menounos also put over the brand new WWE Broadcaster Cathy Kelley who used to work for Maria on her digital network After Buzz.

– Renee Young interviewed Ric Flair. Flair express his emotion for not only inducting Sting in the Hall of Fame tonight, but walking down the ramp with his daughter tomorrow night at WrestleMania.

– Cathy Kelley interviewed The Miz & Maryse. Miz talked about paying homage to the legends who paved the path for superstars like him. Miz is no stranger to this event. Miz puts over how stunning his wife is to wrap up the interview.

– Renee Young interviewed Sasha Banks. Sasha talks about the WWE Universe looking forward to the Divas Championship Match being one of the marquee main events for this year’s WrestleMania. Sasha displays her appreciation for Jacqueline and how much influence she’s had on her career. Jerry Lawler joins the set with Maria & Byron and he talks about how the Hall of Fame is his favorite event of his career.

– Renee Young interviewed WWE Hall of Famer Bruno Sammartino. Renee asks Bruno for his prediction for the Triple H/Roman Reigns WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match at WrestleMania. Bruno says that the WWE Universe is in-stored for a spectacular match. Dolph Ziggler joins the set and talks about his Ladder Match at WrestleMania, getting to chat with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash and also talks about the induction of a man he clashes in the backstage alot and that’s Michael Hayes.

– Cathy Kelley interviews Dana Warrior who will be presenting Joan Lunden with the second annual Warrior Award. Dana expresses how honored she is to present this award to someone who’s battled through so many obstacles.

-Renee Young interviews Ryback. Ryback is accompanied by his female companion Priscilla. Ryback says that he’s been dieting a lot here in Texas in preparation for his United States Championship Match with Kalisto at WrestleMania.

– Randy Orton appears on the set with Maria & Byron. Randy says that recovery is going very well and he should be ready to go in 2-3 months. Who knows maybe even in tomorrow, a RKO at WrestleMania would be fitting since everything is bigger in Texas. Randy & Maria have a big laugh over the fact that Maria couldn’t attend the after party in San Jose last year. Randy is most looking forward to Michael Hayes induction speech.


– Renee Young interviews WWE Producer & Legend Road Dogg. Road Dogg pokes fun at Michael Hayes and says that it’s the only reason he’s at the ceremony. Road Dogg says that WrestleMania has alot to live up to after the NXT Takeover Dallas Show last night. Road Dogg says that the boys and girls will follow through. Road Dogg is most looking forward to the Shane McMahon/Undertaker Hell in a Cell Match and the Triple H/Roman Reigns World Title Match.

– Cathy Kelley interviews WWE Hall of Famer Lita & Raw Pre-Show Host Corey Graves. Cathy asks Lita who did she tell first when she got inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2014. Lita told her mom, but she no sell the news. Graves is most looking forward to Stan Hansen induction speech. Graves says that it’s cool that Vader is inducting Stan Hansen.

– The Usos & Naomi joins the set with Maria & Byron. Byron asks The Usos to reflect on inducting their father Rikishi in the Hall of Fame last year. Jimmy says that the Hall of Fame is all about family. Maria loved Rikishi’s speech from last year. Byron request The Usos to dance. Instead Maria, Byron and The Usos do the Dabb.

– Cathy Kelley interviews WWE Hall of Famer Sgt Slaughter. Sarge is here to congratulate everybody and share memories with great friends. Cathy asks Sarge who he’s most excited to see perform at WrestleMania tomorrow? Sarge is pulling for Dean Ambrose to defeated Brock Lesnar in their Street Fight. Sheamus joins the set with Maria & Byron. Sheamus is pumped because it’s WrestleMania weekend. Sheamus says that he’s a man of style and fashion. Maria asks Sheamus if he emulates anybody with the braid’s on his beard? Sheamus says that he’s his own man. Hacksaw Jim Duggan arrives and there’s a big HOOOO CHANT! Sheamus says that he’s looking forward to Stan Hansen induction speech. Sheamus pardons his in-ring style after Stan Hansen. Sheamus says that his match in FCW was against Byron Saxton.

– Renee Young interviews Sami Zayn. Renee asks Sami how’s he feeling after his stellar match with Shinsuke Nakamura. Sami says that he’s shaky in the inside with the response from the fans after that match. Sami says that he’s emotionally unstable. Sami says that he’s been part of WrestleMania Axxess/NXT crew for the last four years, and once tomorrow comes it will finally hit him that it’s his first WrestleMania.

– Cathy Kelley interviews Zack Ryder and Emma. Cathy says that Mania weekend is a big roller coaster. Ryder says that he was crying while riding the roller coaster. Cathy asks Ryder his thoughts on being in the Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match at WrestleMania. Ryder says that hearing his music at WrestleMania tomorrow will mean the world to him. Emma says that she’s excited for her 10 diva tag team match.

– Big Show joins the set with Maria & Byron. Show says that he’s excited to perform in AT&T Stadium. Show says that he knows some of the surprises that will come with this year’s WrestleMania. Byron asks Show about his rivalry with Sting in WCW. Show says that it was honor to compete against him in WCW and also welcoming him in to the WWE family last year with his feud with Triple H. Big Show says that if he becomes the president everyday will be National Doughnut Day.

– Renee Young interviews United States Champion Kalisto and his wife Abby who also is wearing a mask. Kalisto says that he’s excited to perform a front of 100,000 people tomorrow at WrestleMania. Kalisto tells the fans to stay tune for what he has in stored for Ryback tomorrow.

– Cathy Kelley interviews The Dudley Boyz. Bubba says that this is the 6th time that The Dudley will be in attendance for the Hall of Fame Ceremony. Bubba says that he’s proud for Jackie and The Dudley’s couldn’t be more honored to induct her to the WWE Hall of Fame. Cathy asks The Dudley about their match with The Usos. Bubba says that they are treating like every show they participate in. Their goal is to steal the show. Bubba says that Tables may be involved in the match tomorrow.

– Renee Young interviews Dean Ambrose. Dean takes his fashion sense lightly. Dean says that fighting Lesnar tomorrow is another day in the office. Dean says that Lesnar is going to regret every decision he makes. Dean finishes off the interview by saying that he may not look good on Monday, so let’s enjoy his good loos tonight.

– WWE airs the revealing of the Dusty Rhodes statue that happen at WrestleMania Axxess this past Thursday.

– Stone Cold Steve Austin joins the set with Maria & Byron. Steve is very excited for tonight’s ceremony and WrestleMania 32. Steve says that Dusty Rhodes related to every single working man. Steve says that Dusty was a major influence on his career. Steve plugs his show the Broken Skull Challenge and his final message on the show pays homage to Dusty Rhodes. Steve says that his induction speech in 2009 was a very emotional moment for him. Steve is looking forward to seeing Jacqueline, Stan Hansen and Fabulous Freebirds Induction Speeches.

– Cathy Kelley interviews WWE Hall of Famer Booker T. Booker says that tonight is a great night to pay homage to some of the great legends in the business. This whole weekend also wouldn’t be able to come through fruition without the amazing behind the scenes people in WWE.

– Renee Young interviews The Bella Twins. Renee says that Nikki makes the neck brace look hot. Renee asks Brie how she’s prepared for her 10 divas tag team match at WrestleMania. Brie has been doing everything she can to enjoy this moment.

– Roman Reigns joins the set with Maria & Byron. Roman says that he’s fortunate to be in the position he’s in. Roman says that he’s very blessed and is happy to be here with his wife. Roman says that being in a town more then one day really helps him get in the mood for Mania weekend. Roman is really looking forward to Michael Hayes induction speech.



WWE Hall of Fame 2016 

The APA: 

Ron says that there no better way to kickoff this ceremony with APA Reunion. John says that the Attitude era was not on Monday nights it was The APA and The Godfather. Ron says that Godfather was not a character it was real life. APA pokes fun at the HO Train. John was about to tell a story about Godfather being found naked with the Intercontinental Championship, Ron reminds John it’s a family show. Ron tells his wife that John is making up stories. John tells his wife Meredith that he was just joking around. Ron says that they have no regrets spending time with one of their best friends Godfather. John says that Pimpin Ain’t Easy. The APA introduces The Godfather. 

The Godfather: 

Godfather brings out the Ho-Train. Godfather asks The WWE Universe what’s up. It’s time once again for everybody to come upon the Ho-Train. Godfather says that nobody knows how much he misses the fans. Godfather wants to thanks his parents for all their support and giving them all the guidance he needed. Godfather thanks his son & daughter. Godfather wishes a happy birthday to his godson Isiah. Godfather says that if people weren’t around during the Attitude Era going on the WWE Network. Godfather thanks the power’s to be for allowing him to be himself. Charles Wright really intertwines with The Godfather character. He felt the love he got from the fans and he was having the time of his life. He tells the fans to come down to Vegas and he will share some family’s. Godfather tells the young wrestlers to cherish this moment. Godfather says that he’s a man of the party so he’s going to be long winded. Godfather finishes off the speech with his signature catch phrase and dances away with the Ho-Train




Slick asks if everybody happy, are they having a good time? Well let’s give him a amen. Slick says that they’re going to start a collection tonight, he apologizes he thought he was at church. Slick says that if you cross the line with Big Boss Man, you would be serving hard times. Slick says that Bossman had one of the biggest hearts in the history of the business. Slick considers himself lucky to be one of his managers, but more importantly being one of his friends. Slick brings up the tag team Twin Towers. When Big Bossman walk into a room, everybody notices.


Slick knew that Bossman was the definition of a superstar. In a blink eye he was in the main event on Saturday Night’s Main Event. Slick would be lying if he was saying anybody working with him didn’t make any money. Slick says that his pockets were green because of the Bossman. Slick says that Bossman is a guardian angel. For a man that’s always though, the Bossman was a man who loved his family. Slick introduces Bossman widow Angela and his daughters Megan and Lacey.

Big Boss Man: 

Lacey wants to thank the WWE Universe for keeping her father’s legacy alive. Lacey says that Bossman would be tickled. Lacey said that the last WrestleMania she went to was 17 in Houston. Lacey said that she would be more scared to be in a butterfly museum then seeing her father compete. Lacey grew up with her father in the business. Lacey tells a story about her father being a part of the Attitude Era. Lacey remembers her father face stuck in Rikishi’s ass. Lacey thanks the fans for always supporting him and she wishes that he was here.

Lacey says that it was awkward telling her friends that her father killed dogs. Lacey lets us know her dad love playing the villian and pepper is alive. His wife Angela brings out the Bossman baton. Angela says that Bossman enjoyed making people happy and helping out the community. Bossman loved this business so much. Angela remembers Rick Steiner being a roommate. Angela thanks the fans for all their support to wrap up the speech.


John Cena:

John says that he can talk about Snoop’s 13 Albums, TV’s, Movies, Dedicated Youth Football Coach, but he’s here to talk about Snoop Dogg’s WWE Career. Snoop’s WWE career started two years before John’s. Snoop has been in more WrestleMania then 1o superstars that will be on the card tomorrow. John acknowledge’s the fact Snoop has been a big supporter of the WWE from the good times and bad times. John recalls a story when he got to be in a studio with Snoop Dogg. John appreciates Snoop’s love for the WWE. John introduces Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Dogg:

Snoop says that he needs to take a selfie of the crowd. Snoop wants to thank the WWE Family and fans who have always supported him. Snoop says that he’s always been a wrestling fan. Snoop gives props to John Cena’s speech. He and John share alot of raps and weed. Snoop says that he’s been friends with other superstars like Randy Orton, Mark Henry, DX, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker. Snoop wants to give a shoutout to his cousin Sasha Banks. Snoop remembers when Sasha was a teenager when he took her to WrestleMania 24. Snoop says that he’s very proud of his cousins and all of her accomplishments. Snoop says that his grandfather use to keep him up late to watch rassling. Snoop calls WWE the number one sports attraction in the world. Snoop says that there’s alot of wrestlers that inspired him like Tony Atlas, Rocky Johnson, The Junkyard Dog, Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair. Snoop says that wrestling has been good to him and he wants to rap for the crowd to end his speech.


Dana Warrior: 

Dana brings out a old school Warrior hasbro action figure. Dana thanks the WWE for allowing her and her daughters to be part of the WWE Family. Dana thanks the Warriors for the years of loyalty to Warrior and his family. Dana has learned alot about wrestling from the last two years. Dana says that wrestling is a family business, it pounds in your blood, she said that table flips started in the wrestling business. Dana says that we are counting the days to Maddy’s in-ring debut. Dana says that it’s the ultimate training and the greatest show on earth. Dana says that her daughter said that you don’t have to be born in this business to be a fan.


Dana says that she’s honored to give the Warrior Award to Joan Lunden. Dana brings up the fact that Lunden told Robin Roberts that she was going to warrior mode when she found she had breast cancer. Lunden embrace the challenge and wanted to inspire women around the world. Lunden had a no prisoners mentality. Dana says that Warrior had alot respect for Linda McMahon and that’s why he chose Linda as his inductor for the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame. Dana says that Lunden has been advocate for many charities. Dana says that real Warrior’s wear pink. Dana is humbled to present the second Warrior Award to Joan Lunden. Dana says that Joan Lunden is a type of women you go to war with. Dana introduces Joan Lunden.

Joan Lunden:

Lunden couldn’t believe that she’s on this stage, but also following Snoop Dogg. Lunden says that she’s so honored to be in this class. Lunden said that her introduction gave her cred with her sons who are amazing wrestling fans. Lunden says that she may not be a wrestler, but these last two years have taught her to fight like the Warrior. Lunden says she was said when she found out that she cancer, but she put a smile on her face and it changed her life. Lunden decided to fight for women. Lunden started a website for women empowerment. Lunden says that the WWE reached out to her earlier in her diagnosis.

Lunden was so humbled and blessed to be part of Monday Night Raw. Lunden says that WWE fans are in a class of their own. Lunden express her appreciation for the WWE organization and the fans that been behind her during the toughest time of her life. Lunden thanks the Ultimate Warrior who was a symbol of strength. Lunden thanks Dana who’s Warrior’s real life tag team partner. Lunden thanks her 7 kids and her husband Jeff. Warrior said it perfectly don’t feel sorry for yourself go and live your dreams and fight through obstacles. Lunden promises to fight the good fight for all woman outside the ring just like the Warrior did inside the ring.


Ric Flair:

Ric thanks the fans. Ric says that the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony is his favorite place. Ric pays homage to the late great Roddy Piper & Dusty Rhodes. Ric gives a shoutout to his beautiful daughter Charlotte. If Snoop can recognize Sasha, then he can recognize his daughter. Ric calls Charlotte genetically superior. Ric points out the company forces guidelines for his speech. In 1988, Dusty Rhodes told Ric that they are going to start the Clash of the Champions. Ric notice that Sting was the man even during his earlier years. Ric pokes fun at Stan Hansen. Ric said that he had to fight Brody for a hour and it wasn’t a fair fight. For 55 minutes Flair fought Sting and he never wavered. Ric said that Sting had the perfect look and charisma. Ric always told Sting to WWE, but he was always loyal to NWA and WCW.


Ric went over his match strategy’s with Sting which was pretty funny. Ric told Sting that they were past the headlock takeover. Ric says that he always like being the bad guy because he never had any offense. It was a chop, a Wooo and Strut. Ric knew eventually the WCW wasn’t going to last long. Ric calls Triple H his best friend and Shawn Michaels carried him at WrestleMania 24 for 30 minutes. Ric spent three decades feuding against Dusty Rhodes, Ricky Steamboat and Sting. Ric said that Sting knew about the sacrifices that you have to make back in the day especially time away from the family. Holidays were pay days. Ric told a story about fighting against Ricky Steamboat twice on Christmas and New Year’s which almost forced Ricky Steamboat to quit. Ric gave him a call and told him that wasn’t going to happen. Ric called Sting the franchise. Ric introduces Sting by calling him one of the greatest of all-time. Ric closes his portion by saying WWE is the place to me. Ric says Sting had the same intensity in his match with Triple H at last year’s WrestleMania as he did 30 years ago. Ric says that he own’s 10 Gold Gym’s.


Sting says that Ric wings everything. Sting says that it was a about a year ago he made his Monday Night Raw debut in the American Airlines Center. Sting said that he didn’t watch a wrestling until he went to one house show that was at the LA Sports Arena. Sting talks about the time he met the Ultimate Warrior. Sting shares a memory when Warrior expressed his love for the Waffle House. Sting said that he and Warrior slept in cars driving the roads. Sting pointed out the fact that he didn’t have any family members that could’ve helped him break into the business. Within 12 months he payed all his debts. Sting remembers when he defeated Ric Flair for the World Heavyweight Championship at Great American Bash. Sting pokes fun at the fact that 400 companies made products with his likeness on it. Sting remembers when Vince talked about squashing competition. Sting remembers Seth Rollins saying that he was one of the reason why he got into the business. Sting knew that alot of people dressed up like him at Halloween. Sting remember when he teamed with Robo Cop.

Sting laughs about all the crazy things that pops up on the WWE Network. Sting remembers when he was stone faced Sting and Kevin Nash asked him if he can spoon with him. Sting says that the ratings are behind the scenes. Sting remembers his various gimmicks. Sting that during his personal life he was a chameleon during the prime of his career. Sting said that he got pinned by God on August of 1998. Behind the scenes, Sting put all his pieces back together. His life has been put back in order. Sting says it’s a awesome thing to be here. Sting can brag about the fact that he got to compete at WrestleMania. Sting can remembers all his great moments from the past and now he’s a WWE Hall of Famer. Sting thanks the following, The Ultimate Warrior. The fans chant for The Undertaker and calling for one more match. Sting thanks his trainer’s, Jim Ross, Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy, Buddy Roberts, Road Dogg, Ric Flair, His Mom & Dad, His Brothers, Sisters, His Kids, His Wife Sabina, The Fans. The only thing about Sting is that nothing is for sure. Sting announces his retirement. Sting grabs his sun glasses and a bat. Sting says that this is not goodbye it’s see you later.