EC3 talks NXT and Evolve

EC3 called into Busted Open this week with Doug Mortman and Larry Dallas. EC3 has been the major subject of discussion as of late. He is currently working for TNA, but now is involved with Evolve Wrestling, and as we know, Evolve has contacts with WWE.  How is a TNA talent going to work with wrestlers that WWE are using.  We will find out:
EC3 on his show-closing promo at Evolve 61: “I guess it is sacrilegious, in a way, to take a shot at the King of Kings so – as I‘ve said before on television, altar boy for 8 years – I’d just like to extend my apologies if I offended anybody and the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I took, I guess, other shots. People are assuming who I’m taking shots at. I mean, they don’t know. I mentioned the name Bill – I obviously meant Bill Carr, part of Team Tremendous and Evolve star as well. 
What’s cool about what’s going on is that nobody really knows what’s happening and there’s analyzation and there’s speculation and there’s buzz and those three things equal box office. So, from a wrestling fan’s perspective, instead of trying to over-analyze it, sit back. Enjoy the ride. Let a professional like myself tell you a story.”

On whether he was taking a shot at present-day NXT:
“There’s another perception of what I said, that I took a ‘shot’ at NXT. I believe what I said NXT was, was a great show with great wrestling and interesting characters and developed storylines. So is that a shot? Or is that an endorsement from a great wrestling mind like myself saying something is great? I agree, it’s a great show. Maybe I took a shot at the way it used to be, but you know what? Nobody else on that show ever had to live through the dark days – the evil, sinister, horrid atmosphere it once was – to enjoy the fantastic product it has become. Think about that. I’m sort of a martyr in a situation like that.”

On what his role will be in Evolve moving forward:

If Evolve talent want to pick my brain in the future, I’m not there to be a sole enemy of what they are and what they strive to be. I’m just going to be there to be a reminder of the independence you need to persevere in this business, the independence you need to survive, the way you don’t need to coddle to a machine. Find yourselves, man. And yeah, sure, I’ll give promo seminars if they want to pay me money for them. That’s cool.”


Source: Busted Open Radio