Indie Spotlight on Buster Jackson

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Hello All,

There is a new indie sensation on the scene. His name is Buster Jackson. This guy is the total package. Has it all.  He’s handsome, hot, a great body, fantastic wrestler, great moves, great personality, etc.  He is a the whole package.  I can only see a bright future ahead of this young 21 year old.  Great things ahead for him for sure.   He’s been making a name for himself by working indie promotions in NJ, NY, and PA.  He used to work for PWS Wrestling. A big wrestling promotion that runs shows monthly in NJ. He now works mainly for a new wrestling promotion called Wrestle Pro.  He made his debut at Wrestle Pro last month and had an impressive tag match.  He looked great in that match. He is now with a great indie tag team that has made a name for themselves called The Heavenly Bodies.  Now that Buster has lined himself with The Heavenly Bodies, he is a real force to be wreckin with.


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I can see numerous championships, single and tag, in store for Buster Jackson.  He is a great high flyer, also knows how to mat wrestle with the best of them, and now even mixed brawling in his move set. I love to watch this guy fly in the air.  His high flying moves are up there with the best of them.  Buster Jackson is going places and I look forward to watching his matches every month from Wrestle Pro.  If you wanna see a great worker with good high flying moves, then I suggest you take your ass to a Wrestle Pro show and see Buster Jackson in action!!!