KeyStone Pro Wrestling’s Against All Odds Results: 03-26-16

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KeyStone Pro Wrestling Presents Against All Odds Results: 03-26-16:


Against All Odds was an event that saw several changes and announcements made. If you missed this show you missed a lot of information so check all the recaps you can to try and get up to speed with the happenings. The show started on a sour note as it was announced that due to circumstances out of Keystone Pro Wrestling’s control both Jimmy Hart and Jim Niedhart weren’t gonna be in attendance. That announcement was made and then the action kicked off and didn’t stop.


Interim GM Jeff Grippley opened the show and welcomed back Chairman Chance Tucker, this is the first time fans have seen Chance Tucker since he was assaulted by that blue masked assailants back in November. Tucker stated that he was back and ready to go while also stating that he’d like Jeff Grippley to remain the interim GM for Keystone Pro Wrestling.

Miranda Vionette “The MV” defeated Jordynne Grace to be named the number one contender for the Vixen’s Championship currently held by Mandy Leon

Louis G. Rich defeated Ethan Page and Face in the Triple Threat number one contender’s match for the Heavyweight Championship. Louis G. Rich picked up the victory by throwing façade out of the ring and getting the pin fall from Ethan Page.

Vinny Marseglia defeated Anthony Gangone

Clutch Adams defeated Lufisto with the help of Miranda Vionette to win the Keystone Pro Intercontinental Championship

Ultimate Punishment (Punisher Martinez and Matthew Riddle) defeated the Maulers of Barnari to win the Tag Team Championships

Shatter defeated Laszlo Arpad. After the match Shatter called Laszlo back to the ring and congratulated him on his hard fought battle and claimed he was the future of pro wrestling. Then came the major announcement, Shatter stated that his match with Laszlo was his last and he was formally retiring and took his boots of a symbolically left them in the ring. Shatter thanked everyone that has helped him in his long and great career from his wife and family to his trainers and mentors, to the fans and even his archenemy Kevin Murphy. Shatter then called tot eh ring the “Rising Star” Rob Lloyd and embraced him and explained to the fans that he works harder than anyone else and will be the next “Rising Star” no pun intended. After that shatter drank a beer or two while shaking hands with all the fans  on his way to the locker room.

Ethan Carter III defeated Sean Carr by way of pin fall. After the match EC3 stated that Sean Carr was a tremendous competitor and he would like to have a rematch at Broken Promises on May 28th. Sean Carr accepted the match and shook Carter’s hand, however when Carter went to leave the ring Carr kicked him in the groin to the shock of all in attendance.

Tate & Foxx Vinyer defeated Ken Dixon and Nick Comoroto with Andy Vineberg via disqualification. After the match Dixon and Comoroto continued a beat down until Axel Lennox ran out with a chair and scared them off.

Lance Anoa’i defeated Kai Katana via pin fall utilizing a rollup

Louis G. Rich defeated Josef von Schmidt to become the new Keystone Pro Heavyweight Champion. During the match the referee got knocked out during the match. While the referee was out a blue masked assailant made his way into the ring and delivered a spine buster to von Schmidt. Louis G. Rich crawled over to go for a pin and got a 2 count as von Schmidt was able to kick out. After that Rich was able to hit his lung blower finish to get the 3 count.

Rob Noxious and Red Scorpion brawled to a no contest. Both men went all around the building leading to Rob Noxious hanging off the balcony, Rob Noxious grabbing Scorpions mother’s prosthetic leg and sending Scorpion flying from the top rope onto a table when he it him with that leg. The two continued to brawl until the referee gave up and called for the bell and security separated the two. After the match Scorpion grabbed the microphone a asked management to issue a rematch for Broken Promises on May 28th with any stipulation that Rob Noxious choses.


So all in all we had a new number one contender for the vixen’s title, 3 title changes took place, Shatter called it a career and retired from active competition and a brawl that saw balcony hanging and prosthetic legs being used as a weapon. We will have video and photo recaps available soon so stay tuned. A lot went down a the host at against All Odds so if you missed the show make sure you follow along with the recaps and also grab your tickets for Broken Promises when they go on sale!

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