Lince Dorado talks Chikara and brief run with TNA

Lince Dorado spoke about his brief stint in TNA, The WWE Cruiserweight Classic, and Chikara wrestling, among other things:

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WWE Cruiserweight Classic:

“I’ve been training really, really hard and really focusing hard on what makes me different: the Lucha libre style,” Dorado said. “I’ve thought about ways to how can I market myself so I look different and that goes with gear, ring entrance, ring gear, how I move in the ring, and how I interact with the fans.

You’re going to see a lot of different styles, different characters, a lot of different ‘gimmicks’ that people have probably never seen, heard of, or even would think existed in professional wrestling.”

Brief Run in TNA:

“It is what it is. My first experience there was great, my second experience wasn’t so great. Since then, I’ve reached out to them, they’ve reached out to me but we just haven’t seen any opportunity that would be worthwhile for both of us.”

How He Started with CHIKARA:

“The first guy I saw and I was like ‘wow, this guy is pretty awesome’ and it wasn’t just because of his look, or athleticism but also his music…it was Claudio Castagnoli [Cesaro]. Later on, he was one of the guys who trained me so it was a cool foreshadowing of things.”

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