Lucha Underground News on their talents contracts



Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


The talent situation in Lucha Underground is said to get very interesting soon, according to a report from The Wrestling Observer Newsletter who note that the contracts for talent are that they are exclusive on U.S. television to Lucha Underground, which may be why AAA has not been able to syndicate in the United States,  if they did, they could not use anyone from Lucha Underground on their shows.

The report notes that depending on the contract, talent can not be used in a U.S. televised show for between 6 and 12 months after the final episode of the season that they are part of airs and that talent taping season three will be paid through the end of the tapings, however season three will not debut until January 2017 which means that depending on their contract, that talent would not be allowed to appear on another U.S. television show until sometime between October 2017 and April 2018.

The report goes on to state that while running live events could help, the end game has always been about using television to create characters to make movies and video games and that the hope there would be that they would recuperate the start up costs through those deals, but that the word is that the time between the end of the season three tapings and 2017 is crucial for Lucha Underground’s long-term health because with El Rey Network unlikely to cancel the show, a fourth season will depend on the investors from Mexico once again putting up their money with the hope that there would be a big money score from movies, international syndication or rights fees from a major TV network such as Univision or Televisa.