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If anybody hasn’t heard of him yet.  He is a star on the rising. Former MMA/UFC Star Matt Riddle.  Is a pro wrestler.  He has had some great matches in his early career.  He trained at the famous Monster Factory in NJ and is a former Monster Factory World Champion.  He wrestles a lot for Evolve Wrestling and is being scouted by William Regal.  He even had a meeting with Triple H and all signs are pointing that Matt Riddle will be in NXT very soon, quite possibly before the end of this year.  I had the honor to interview a great talent, welcome to talesfromtheturnbuckle, Matt Riddle!!!




Your wrestling background started from high school. You wrestled at Saratoga high school in new york. Did you win any championships in high school?

M.R.: Yes I won states and nationals


Where did you attend college and how was it like being on their wrestling team?

M.R.: I went to Esu, East Stroudsburg University and it was fun.  I met a lot of great people and learned a lot


When did you start training for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

M.R.: When I was 20-21 I left school and started doing Bjj in upstate NY with my buddy Scott Kaplan


Did you go to MMA school to learn the craft?

M.R.: I actually read a lot of Mma books and Bjj books and with my wrestling pedigree things fell into place


How was your time on the Ultimate Fighter?

M.R.: Awesome getting paid to fight and train with the best in the world it was a dream come true





To get into the TUF house, you fought Dan Simmler. From what I heard, you knocked him out in seconds in the 2nd round and break his jaw in 2 places. How did it feel to get into the TUF house and your victory over Dan Simmler that Dana White calls the biggest knockout in Ultimate Fighter history?

M.R.: It was awesome, I felt bad for doing it but it solidified my spot in the UFC




Who gave you the nickname, Chipper?

M.R.: Rampage Jackson


When you made your UFC debut at Ultimate Fighter 7 finale, who did you defeat in your first fight and how did it feel?

M.R.: Dante Rivera and it was good he was a veteran and I dominated him for 3 rounds


What injury did you get while competing in your first fights in UFC?

M.R.: None really, mostly in practice, but I’ve broken my hand in a fight





Who was your toughest opponent in UFC?

M.R.: They’re all pretty tough





What was your greatest victory in UFC?

M.R.: Chris Clements hands down


Your fight with Chris Clements, you forced Clements to submit to a standing arm triangle choke hold and won 65,000 submission of the night bonus. How did it feel having your first submission victory in your career at that point?

M.R.: It was great.  I submit people in practice all the time but to do it in a fight felt amazing





I personally think you didnt get a fair deal with the Marijuana issue. But on October 20, 2012 you failed the post fight drug test and tested positive for marijuana and was fined and suspended for 90 days. What are your thoughts on your suspension and how they took your win away from your victory over Clements?

M.R.: It’s whatever really, a wins a win and cannabis isn’t a ped


Where you upset when UFC released yuou after your 2nd failed drug test for marijuana?

M.R.: Yeah it sucked I worked hard to get where I was and I got fired on a 4  fight win streak


You signed a multi fight deal with Legacy Fighting. Since you signed that, where your forced to join Bellator MMA since they bought out legacy fighting?

M.R.: Not exactly how it went down but I never fought for Bellator or legacy due to certain issues


Did you enjoy working for Bellator?

M.R.: No


After MMA, what made you decide you wanted to be a professional wrestler?

M.R.: I love pro wrestling and have always wanted to do it, now just seemed like the right time




Out of all the wrestling schools, what made you pick the Monster Factory?

M.R.: It was highly recommended and had the most open hours to train during the week


Riddle at factory



Whats your favorite pro wrestling match you watched?

M.R.: Mick Foley vs Randy Orton backlash 2004 and Brett hart vs Shawn Michael’s Wrestle mania 12 iron man match


Who is your favorite wrestler or wrestlers of all time?



Do you enjoy working the indys?

M.R.: I do it’s a good time and everyone is super nice


Matt Riddle9


Would you ever consider wrestling in Japan, ROH, or TNA if WWE doesnt pick you up yet?

M.R.: Yes of course.  I love pro wrestling and love to entertain


Riddle and Regal



Who was your first professional wrestling match against?

M.R.: Two guys called paid in full,  it lasted 1-2 minutes,  it was a blood bath


Who has been your favorite opponent to work with so far?

M.R.: They’re all great to hard to pick one


Matt Riddle11


Are you a fan of Kevin Von Erich? Was Kevin the inspiration for you to wrestle barefoot?

M.R.: I’m a fan of Kevin but I’ve I always preferred wearing no shoes,  more comfy


Would you ever consider doing tv or movies, what so many WWE stars and indy wrestlers are doing now?

M.R.: I’m down for whatever whenever


Matt Riddle4


How are you enjoying being a wrestler compared to being a a mma fighter?

M.R.: They’re both fun but pro wrestling you can do more shows more often and I like that


Riddle foot



What is your everyday workout plan like to keep your body toned up?

M.R.: Running, lifting, wrestling, fighting,  just normal stuff


What is your everyday diet plan to stay toned?

M.R.: My diet is I eat everything I can and whenever I can now, since I’m cutting weight for fights


Anything else you want to discuss or promote?

M.R.: Follow me on Twitter by clicking here


Matt Riddle10


Thank you again sir for being a guest on talesfromtheturnbuckle.com, it was great talking with you. Your a fantastic wrestler. Your my favorite indy wrestler to watch. And I would love to have a match against you sometime, it would be a honor for me. Thank you


Matt Riddle21


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