Michael Hayes on Ric Flair podcast, Shane McMahon didn’t sign with WWE, Austin Aries in NXT

The Wrestling Observer states that WWE released financial data this week which revealed Shane McMahon has not signed a contract with WWE as a performer and he has not been hired for an executive role. Shane will reportedly be paid in excess of $120,000 for his role as a performer leading to WrestleMania 32.

Kevin Von Erich
During the latest edition of Ric Flair’s“WOOOOO Nation”podcast, listen  at this link, 2016 WWE Hall of Famer Michael “PS” Hayes revealed that the son of Buddy Roberts and the son of Terry Gordy, Ray Gordy (former WWE star Jesse), will speak at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony on behalf of their late fathers.  It is also rumored that Kevin Von Erich will induct them.  Some of the best matches and feuds in wrestling history is the Von Erichs vs The Freebirds.  Can’t wait for this.


WWE NXT GM William Regal announced that Bayley and Asuka will face Nia Jax and Eva Marie in a tag team match on a future broadcast of NXT.

The main event of next week’s WWE NXT will be Sami Zayn vs. Samoa Joe in a 2/3 falls match to determine the number one contender to the NXT Title.

Click here to see a video of Austin Aries NXT Debut