Randy Orton applauds a RKO, Bret Hart talks Vince McMahon

Randy Orton
While attending a polar plunge at Windsor High School in Imperial, Missouri, Randy Orton stands up to applaud a student’s RKOclick here for the video clip

Bret Hart
Bret Hart talks about Vince McMahon’s current character and the chemistry of AJ Styles and Y2J. You can listen to it here
On the current state of the Vince McMahon character:
At times Vince is in that difficult position of being so hated that they love him. He’s a character that always gets a pop when he comes out and they love seeing him be a bad guy. I think that it’s kind of a different time in the business where you go out there and try to make people believe that you’re a really evil, wicked kind of guy and it gets harder
On AJ Styles & Chris Jericho’s chemistry:
It’s a good startup for AJ. I am glad AJ is there. I think he was one of the most over guys in the Royal Rumble. I thought he had one of the best reactions of anything. It must have been a little bit embarrassing that a guy from TNA got the biggest reaction for three quarters of the Royal Rumble before they eliminated him. He got the best reaction. He’s always been a great wrestler. I’ve always been a fan of AJ Styles. I just hope they let him make it rather than try to rework his style or create too much formula like Roman Reigns. I think sometimes these writers they don’t have a clue about what they’re doing. Whoever tried to make Roman Reigns should stay away from AJ Styles and not try to make him. He can do it on his own. He’s a great worker, he’s a great wrestler. Jericho’s an old veteran and the fact that they’re sort of working a storyline kind of helping each other and things are missing… I think it has great potential. Jericho is the perfect sort of guy to help open the door for AJ. I hope that it works out for both of them.