ROH Global Wars PPV Results: 05-08-16

I watched the ROH Global Wars PPV.  I loved it. Best PPV this year so far.  Below is my review:


Ring of Honor Global Wars Results: 05-08-16:

#1 Contender To The ROH TV Title
Four Corner Survival
Dalton Castle (w/ The Boys) defeats  Roderick Strong vs. ACH vs. Adam Page

ACH and Page start out, and ACH gets a big dropkick, but Strong tags in and takes advantage. When Page hits his own dropkick, Strong wants out and Castle is brought in.  Strong makes a blind tag on Page, who attacks Castle with a big back suplex. Castle fights back with an Exploder and a big knee, but Page comes in illegally and takes a belly-to-belly suplex. Castle then catches Strong in the air and suplexes him as well.

ACH tags in and dives in with a reverse STO as Adam Page does his shooting star shoulder block onto the other two. ACH follows up with Air Jordan. Strong goes crazy, taking out everyone with suplexes and ACH with a double knee gutbuster. Adam Page takes a big kick but Castle comes out of nowhere and Bangarangs Strong onto Page for the win!!

Dalton Castle is the new number one contender to the TV title.


Jushin Thunder Liger & Cheeseburger defeats  The Addiction

Cheeseburger demands Daniels shake his hand, but he don’t. Addiction try to isolate Cheeseburger, but he quickly tags Liger, who tries to surfboard Kazarian. Daniels gets a Shotei for his trouble. Kaz and Cheeseburger slap each other, but Cheeseburger gains control and Shoteis Daniels until he’s attacked from behind by Addiction. Cheeseburger gets worked over for several minutes before tagging Liger.

Liger comes in and takes out Addiction, including Shotei and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Daniels before a Liger Bomb gets two until Kaz breaks it up. Addiction hit Celbrity Rehab on Liger, who has his head spiked into the mat. It looked very nasty and Liger was really hurt as he rolled out of the ring. Daniels attacks Cheeseburger, who rolls up Daniels for the win!

Jushin Liger is somehow on his feet.  Addiction attack their opponents and hit the Best Meltzer Driver Ever on Cheeseburger. He requires help to the back.


ROH World Tag Team Championships
War Machine (c) defeats The Briscoes

Mark Briscoe and Hanson lock horns, which results in Briscoe being tossed outside. Ray Rowe grabs Briscoe and runs him into the guard rail repeatedly. War Machine beat Mark down on their side of the ring, flattening him with an assisted body slam. Jay Briscoe gets tired of it and pulls Hanson outside, helping the Briscoes gain the advantage to set up a double suplex. Briscoe, with intensity, boots and clotheslines Hanson. The Briscoes are on the attack, but Mark gets flipped to the outside of the ring.

Both of the Briscoes go after Rowe outside the ring, but Hanson surprises them with a suicide dive. Mark Briscoe gets a Saito suplex for two, and Jay Briscoe double foot stomps Hanson through a table at ringside! Rowe and Briscoe both deliver uranages. Hanson and Mark take each other out as well.

All four men get to their feet and face off in the middle of the ring before going to war. Rowe and Jay box it out until everyone ends up outside, where Mark hits a Blockbuster on Hanson to the floor. Rowe takes out the Briscoes with Superman forearms and an inverted hiptoss gets a two count. War Machine can’t get Fallout, but Briscoes hit a splash and Froggy Elbow. Hanson kicks out!

Hanson manages a corner senton, and the Path of Resistance on Jay Briscoe. Hanson then misses a huge moonsault. Jay Driller on Hanson, and he kicks out!!! Rowe stops the Doomsday Device and catches Mark with a pop-up German suplex. Jay Briscoe walks into a Spin Kick of Doom, Mark Briscoe is caught with Fallout and War Machine retain.


Tetsuya Naito defeats Kyle O’Reilly

O’Reilly takes Naito down and ground and pounds him before going for an armbar. Naito sends O’Reilly out, then relaxes in the ring. Kyle briefly armbars Naito over the ropes, but ends up getting dropkicked. The crowd is behind Naito all the way, as he counters O’Reilly’s strikes with an outside-in corner dropkick. O’Reilly fires back again with several strikes before sweeping Naito’s leg.

Naito avoids a rear-naked choke, but gets locked in a guillotine, then an Omoplata toe hold. O’Reilly switches to an armbar before Naito reaches the ropes. Naito makes it up and runs up the ropes for a tornado DDT. A top rope huracanrana from Naito gets two. A boot to the face sends O’Reilly into the ropes, where he rebounds with a Nigel lariat.

Both men throw big forearms until Naito catches a lariat and a flying forearm, but a cradled suplex from O’Reilly gets two. Naito gets Glora for two and eats a KO knee, but manages to come right back with a spinebuster and Destino to get the victory.

Tetsuya Naito kicks Kyle O’Reilly right in the balls after the match and tosses the title belt in the air.


Moose & Okada (w/ Stokely Hathaway & Gedo) defeats Michael Elgin & Hiroshi Tanahashi

The crowd gives Okada and Tanahashi a standing ovation for just going face to face. They chain wrestle and face off, before tagging out. Moose and Mike run into each other several times. Mike gets the delayed suplex, but Moose stands right up, just in time to eat an elbow to the grill. Moose mows over Tanahashi, who tagged back in. Okada and Moose knock their opponents outside of the ring with in-stereo dropkicks. Moose then dives to the outside onto Elgin.

Back in the ring Okada stretches Tanahashi, then Moose comes in and lands a ChokeBomb. Tanahashi avoids a charging Moose and Elgin returns to the fray with a top rope shoulderblock and a couple of elbows before knocking Okada off the apron. Mike slingshots Okada back in and catches him mid-air with a powerslam, then German suplexes Moose for two.

Okada and Tanahashi get tagged in and throw down to a big reaction. Tanahashi takes Okada down with a dragon screw leg whip before killing Okada with a senton. An Okada DDT and forearm get a two count, but Tanahashi gets out of the Tombstone and scores with a Slingblade. Elgin is tagged in and his team get a second rope powerslam and an assisted inverted powerbomb. Elgin lands a Buckle Bomb on Okada, but Okada comes back with a reverse neckbreaker. Moose whips Tanahashi into the the rail before dropkicking him. Moose spears Elgin, setting up a Rainmaker from Okada for the pin.

ROH World Television Championship
Bobby Fish defeats Tomohiro Ishii to become the new TV Champion.

Fish strikes Ishii then drops him with a shoulder block. Ishii whips Fish outside of the ring, and Fish takes his time getting back inside. Ishii welcomes Fish’s kicks, but gets backed into the corner with them. Ishii turns the tides and then chops Fish in the corner, which Fish takes and screams oh shit. Fish fights his way back into it, landing a spinning heel kick that knocks Ishii off his feet. When trying to capitalize, Fish gets vertical suplexed to the mat and tries to headbutt Ishii, but falls down.

Fish huracanaranas Ishii, then lays some kicks in, followed by knees and an Exploder suplex. Fish does well until he gets headbutted in the chest. Ishii gets a delayed superplex for two, and a Saito suplex that sends Fish into the corner. A powerbomb from Ishii earns a two count, and Fish is able to get several knees to the face before getting turned inside out with a German suplex. Fish recovers and chokes Ishii on the apron.

Both guys slug it out on the apron, throwing forearms and punches until Fish sweeps Ishii’s leg out from under him. Ishii and Fish make it in by the 20 count, and Ishii connects with a clothesline for two. Fish applies a rear-naked choke, and elbows Ishii when he gets out. Ishii is locked in it again and passes out!

Bullet Club (Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson, Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa) defeats  Kushida, Matt Sydal and The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin)

Matt pokes Sydal’s eyes, but gets punted by Sabin. The Bullet Club try to gather their thoughts, but the MCMG dive outside onto them. The Motor City Timesplitters triple team dropkick Matt. The Bucks take out the entire other team with dropkicks and neckbreakers before posing in the ring. Sydal and Sabin superkick the Bucks.  Corino says they don’t count because they’re thrust kicks.  The Bucks flip outside and take them out.

Nick misses a superkick, but tags in Tonga, who splashes Shelley in the corner before he and his brother get a G9. Loa then hits Shelley with a Michinoku Driver. The Bullet Club isolate Shelley in their corner and work him over, but Matt accidentally takes out GOD with a dropkick. Shelley manages a double reverse STO on the Bucks and tags KUSHIDA, who rolls one up and German suplexes the other. Tonga comes in with an Oklahaoma Stampede on Sydal, but is on the receiving end of a standing moonsault. Sydal and Sabin superkick GOD, then Sydal and Sabin dominate the Bucks. The Bucks hit a Meltzer Driver out of nowhere for the pin!

BJ Whitmer comes out to the ring and yells at Mr. Wrestling III. He says he has some footage of Steve Corino on a flash drive that he’ll want under wraps.


ROH World Championship
Jay Lethal (c) (w/ Taeler Hendrix) vs. Colt Cabana: No Contest

Lethal tries to attack during a handshake, but Cabana ends up with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors on Lethal. Cabana doesn’t hold the momentum long, as he’s hiptossed and dropkicked by the champion. Cabana side steps and Lethal hits the rail hard. Hendrix grabs Cabana’s leg and Lethal hits suicide dive, including a big one that sees him go into the crowd and landing on a fan. Nigel McGuinness goes off on Taeler Hendrix, and the ref ejects her from ringside.

Cabana grounds Lethal and splashes him. A hip attack flattens Lethal, but only gets a two count. A Lethal Combination connects, but Cabana gets Chicago Skyline for a two count. The two repeatedly counter Tombstones, until Lethal slips and hits a short Tombstone. Cabana applies Billy Goat’s Curse in the middle of the ring!

Taeler comes out, but the Bucks show up and superkick her and the ref! They offer Bullet Club shirts to Cabana and Lethal, but the lights go out. Adam Cole is in the ring! They take out Cabana and Lethal! The Bullet Club end up throwing over two dozen superkicks and hit an Indytaker on a security guard on the floor. They take out the announce team and zip tie Lethal to the ring rope before knocking out Colt.

The Bullet Club beat up cameramen and even the Young Bucks’ Dad to close the show.



Global Wars