ROH Wrestling TV RESULTS: 03-28-16

Jay Lethal

ROH TV RESULTS: 03-28-16:


Four Corner Survival
Moose (w/ Stokely Hathaway) vs. Adam Page vs.
Matt Sydal vs. Roderick Strong

Sydal connects with a big spin kick on Roderick Strong after a chain series, but Strong catches him with a backbreaker. Page comes in and gets suplexed onto the ropes. Moose scores a chokebomb on Strong, and Page is in to break up the count. Page earns a big dropkick to the face for his troubles. Sydal gets powerbombed onto the apron by Moose, and all hell breaks loose until Page hits a shooting star shoulderblock onto Strong.

We come back from a commercial to see Adam Page raising hell, suplexing Sydal on his neck and clearing the ring. BJ Whitmer distracts him, and things get messy in the ring. Sydal hits a shooting star press on Page, but eats a Suplex/Backbreaker. Strong pins Page after a big knee.

Winner: Roderick Strong via pinfall (knee)

Adam Cole is in the ring, and says he’s making a couple of promises. He tells the crowd that Kyle O’Reilly will never be the ROH champion, and that he’ll be the one to unseat Jay Lethal to win the title. Matt Taven comes out on crutches. He says that Kingdom will win titles all over the world….except for Adam Cole. He says Cole blew his two shots at the ROH title. Taven says Cole is out of Kingdom and it will be rebuilt in his image.

Dalton Castle is shown backstage, hyping his Fight Without Honor against Silas Young.

Cheeseburger vs. Foxx Vinyer

Cheeseburger lands several strikes, but walks into a powerslam from Vinyer. Cheeseburger sets up for the palm strike, but ANX pulls Vinyer out and powerbomb him into the apron.

Winner: Foxx Vinyer via DQ

ANX say they like Cheeseburger, and tell him that the fans are always just making fun of him and the fans don’t know what it’s like to go through a table. ANX read mean tweets about themselves. They run down all the tag teams and jump Cheeseburger. War Machine and the Briscoes make the save, but face off with each other in the ring.

ROH World Championship
Jay Lethal (c) (w/ Truth Martini & Taeler Hendrix) vs. Hirooki Goto

Lethal kicks Goto during the Code of Honor, and takes advantage. They two go back and forth with strikes, with Lethal throwing in every dirty tactic he can. Lethal eventually sends Goto outside and connects with a suicide dive, which allows Martini to get the Trutharoonie.

The two battle outside, with Lethal slamming Goto’s head into the apron. Lethal gets a two count back int he ring before applying a chinlock on Goto.

Lethal punches, but Goto asks for some more strikes. Goto gets the better of a strike exchange before hitting a Saito Suplex, then a Ushigoroshi for a two count. Taeler Hendrix tries to distract Goto, but he stomps on her hand. However, Truth does distract Goto, allowing Lethal to hit a superkick and Lethal Injection for the win.

Winner: Jay Lethal via pinfall (Lethal Injection) to retain the ROH World Championship

Donovan Dijak and Prince Nana come out, and Lethal and Dijak get into it. Lethal hits Dijak with the Book of Truth, but Dijak spin kicks Truth, who is laid out as the show ends.