So sad to report this. My friend, Balls Mahoney passes away at 44 years old

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Jonathan Rechner, better known among wrestling fans as Balls Mahoney, died at the age of 44, the WWE confirmed via Twitter.

Mahoney, who was born in New Jersey, was part of Extreme Championship Wrestling.  Balls Mahoney was an amazing gifted athlete. He was one of the biggest names to come out of ECW Wrestling, he helped put that company on the map.  I’m still in a state of shock and so very sad to report this. Balls was a friend of mine. Someone that I always looked up to and respected in the locker room.  He was a very nice person.  Just a great guy.  Yeah, he had his personal demons and issues with drugs. But you need to look past that and look at what a gifted wrestler and great man he was.  The first two years that I started wrestling, Balls was the first friend that I made. He loved that fact that my name is Hellter Skelter.  He would always tell me how much he loves the song. Everytime he would see me in the dressing room, he would hug me and start singing Hellter Skelter.  He would even scream, I got blisters on my fingers.  For those of you who don’t know what that means. The Beatles song Helter Skelter, they scream at the end of the song, I got blisters on my fingers.

Balls had such a presence in the locker room and in the ring, that you were just caught up in it. He would be backstage in the locker room with us boys and be laughing and joking and being crazy. That’s what we all loved about Balls. He could always put a smile on your face.  I wrestled Balls a bunch of times, even in a triple threat match against him and New Jack. Balls always treated me good in the ring and out of the ring. He never tried to hurt me, he took good care of me in the ring. He would even show me some moves before the show started.  And yes, i took a couple chair shots to the head from the chair swinging freak himself.  I can tell you that he has the hardest hitting chair shot ever in the world of wrestling. It hurt.  He always looked out of me in that locker room.  When your new, some of the boys want to rib you or try to hurt you.  He would always stand up for me and he stopped alot of wrestlers from trying to hurt me.  I will always respect Balls for looking out for me. Great guy gone to soon.  RIP to a guy who was a mentor and a great friend.  I’ll miss you brother.  Swing that chair in heaven my friend and see you one day again.  Love ya


Hellter Skelter