TFTT Exclusive with a dominating indie sensation, Luis The Punisher Martinez


We have a great guest today on Tales From the Turnbuckle. A great indie sensation who is rocking the wrestling world. He’s big, strong, fast, and agile.  He won the championship at Monster Factory Wrestling. He works on and off with Ring of Honor.  He even won the KeyStone Wrestling Tag Team Championships with Matt Riddle.  Very good worker and a great guy to talk to. Proud to have trained with him.  Here is Luis The Punisher Martinez:


Punisher Martinez ROH


TFTT: What made you get into pro wrestling?

    L.M.: Since I can remember all I ever wanted to be was a pro wrestler. When the opportunity presented itself I took it


TFTT: Who were some of your favorite wrestlers growing up watching?

    L.M.: I was a big time undertaker and ultimate warrior fan


TFTT: What made you decide to join the monster factory to train?

    L.M.: I didn’t know much about how to get into the wrestling business so a buddy of mine searched schools and when I saw all the people that came out of the factory the choice was easy


TFTT: I remember training at the factory with you, and you drove a couple hours to get to and from the school, thats dedication.  Where did you drive from when you first trained at the factory?

    L.M.: I drove from northern New Jersey. Right by New York. Still do!




012510 people - larry sharpe Staff photo by Lori M. Nichols Retired professional wrestler "Pretty Boy" Larry Sharpe runs a wrestling school, Monster Factory, in Bellmawr.

TFTT: Thoughts on Pretty Boy Larry Sharpe?

    L.M.: Larry is a true genius when it comes to wrestling. In every aspect. Knew how to push guys to reach their potential. Ton of respect and love for that man.



TFTT: When did you get to work your first match and who was it against?

    L.M.: I had my first match in 2002. Guys name was Joe. Can’t remember his last name.



Cindy Rogers

TFTT: Remember we trained with Cindy Rogers, she was a great worker, do you ever hear anything about her or know if she still works yet?

     L.M.: Cindy was an amazing worker. She’s retired from the ring now but doing well as far as I know.




TFTT: Do you work for any other wrestling promotions besides The Monster Factory shows?

    L.M.: – I actually  had a dark match with Ring of Honor and that lead to more with them. I rarely take indy bookings. There’s a lot of bad promotions out there. If I do it’s because they’re worth it. 



TFTT: You had a tag team called Legion of Anarchy, who was your partner and did you win any tag championships with him?

   L.M.: My partner was Brolly. We have won tag titles including the monster factory tag titles.



TFTT: How did it feel winning the Monster Factory Championship?

    L.M.: It was a true honor. Workers from all over the world have shown interest in working there so it was a privilege to represent monster factory pro wrestling


TFTT: Who did you defeat to win the championship?

    L.M.: Joe Gibson





TFTT: Thoughts on your match with Billy Damiana?

   L.M.: I really enjoyed working with Billy. That kid can shoot go! It was fun to work with someone with his amateur background. 



TFTT: Thoughts on your match and feud with Clutch Adams?

   L.M.: I dare say that my feud with Clutch was my favorite feud. Probably because I saw him progress from a good indy worker to a main event style wrestler that can perform for any company. The psychology in the matches I think were spot on.



Ultimate Punishment

TFTT: Thoughts on former MMA fighter Matt Riddle?

    L.M.: Matt is amazing. I really enjoyed training with him. He has a great mind for this. He will go as far as he wants in this business. We are part of a group called Real Life Heelz. We won the KeyStone Pro Wrestling Tag Team Chamionships in March as our team name Ultimate Punishment.



TFTT: How’s it like working for Danny Cage?

   L.M.: I’ve known Dan for years and working for him is great. He took what Larry had and made it even greater if you can believe that. He is a great motivator, mentor and coach. Proud to call that man a friend.



TFTT:  What is your training routine and diet plan like to be as big as you are?

   L.M.: I try to train as much as I can. On a normal week I’m at the gym 6 days a week and training at the factory about 3 days a week and more if I can. Can never get enough. These days my diet consists of high protein, low fat and low carb meals with veggies. Do get a cheat meal in from time to time.


TFTT:  How did your WWE Tryout go?

   L.M.: The tryout went extremely well. Received great feedback. Can’t really discuss much more but it was a positive experience.


Punisher Martinez6

TFTT: Thanks you Punisher for this interview today.  Good luck with everything and hope to see you on WWE TV again!



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